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Lisa Ann dragged out of Matt Rife comedy show by cops

Lisa Ann dragged out of Matt Rife comedy show by cops

The former adult film star has accused the New York Police Department of 'harassment'.

Former adult film star Lisa Ann has taken to social media to speak out after being 'dragged out' of Matt Rife's comedy show in handcuffs.

The former adult film star and SiriusXM radio host went to go and see Matt Rife perform at the Radio City Music Hall in New York last night (4 February).

And while it's normally Rife who's causing the drama, during the show, it was Ann who was 'dragged out' and put in handcuffs by police.

In a post to her Instagram followers, Ann says her trip to the music hall was 'the first time the stars aligned' and she was able to see Rife 'for the first time live, in person'.

"Matt and I connected after he hosted the AVN awards and I could not attend as I was standing up my date," she adds.

Ann says she was seated 'two rows from the stage' and told 'not to be on [her] phone'.

However, after '45 minutes' of watching and 'just enjoying the show', the adult film star says police came to fetch her.

Lisa Ann was at one of Matt Rife's comedy shows.
Getty Images/ Johnny Louis

Taking to her X - formerly known as Twitter - Ann said she was dragged out of the show after being accused of 'using [her] phone'.

The adult film star denies she used her phone - not even touching it 'once' - and says she was then handcuffed and escorted out of the music hall.

She's shared a video of herself being led out by authorities to her Instagram as well as her X account.

According to Ann, a member of the police was also 'holding [her] purse from [her]' after she was handcuffed and she claims she was 'offered two options'.

Ann claims police presented her with two options.
X/ @thereallisaann

An Instagram post by Ann alleged New York Police Department offered she could either 'be stressed and processed,' 'arrested and put in jail' or 'to be 51/50 and taken to a hospital'.

"5150 is the number of the section of the Welfare and Institutions Code, which allows an adult who is experiencing a mental health crisis to be involuntarily detained for a 72- hour psychiatric hospitalization when evaluated to be a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled," Orange County Health Care Agency explains.

Ann said she 'knew whatever showed up first would be [her] option' and when an ambulance arrived, she said the NYPD spoke to the paramedics to 'decide [her] destiny' - the adult star allegedly remaining handcuffed 'an hour later'.

Ann then spoke with an 'onboard paramedic' which she noted is the 'first time in an hour of being handcuffed anyone had addressed' her.

"She was kind. She was honest, she asked me what took place. As I shared my side of what may be a huge misunderstanding, she verified that NO ONE had the right to hold me against my will in handcuffs for over an hour over a comedy show," Ann added.

Ann has criticised police's reaction as 'extreme'.
X/ @thereallisaann

Ann has since accused the police of 'harassment,' condemning the force's reaction as 'extreme,' arguing she 'did not deserve' either option.

She resolves: "I’m at loss of words for what I just endured .. traumatic, unnecessary and extreme are topping my list of emotions.

"Everyone knows how much I love NYC but after being tossed around in handcuffs it’s all different now."

Police told The US Sun a woman at Rife's show was asked to not videotape inside the hall and was 'acting disorderly and combative'.

An NYPD official similarly told TMZ they received a call about a member of the audience being 'disorderly'.

They added officers who attended the scene believed the woman was displaying 'erratic behavior' which - combined with music hall staff allegedly saying the woman had been drinking - led them to question whether she was having a 'psychiatric episode'.

She was eventually released without any charge or citation.

UNILAD has contacted the NYPD, Lisa Ann and Matt Rife for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X/ @thereallisaann

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