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OnlyFans model's 'most loyal subscriber' breaks down crying explaining how she impacted his life after her tragic death

OnlyFans model's 'most loyal subscriber' breaks down crying explaining how she impacted his life after her tragic death

Enchanting, a rapper and OnlyFans model, tragically died at the age of 26 recently

The 'most loyal subscriber' of an OnlyFans star and up-and-coming rapper has broken down in tears after it emerged she had died.

Trap artist Gucci Man confirmed on Tuesday June 11 that Texas-based rapper and OnlyFans star Enchanting had died. Enchanting had been signed to his label.

The creator, whose real name is Channing Nicole Larry, was just 26 years old.

According to The Shade Room, her family released a statement on her Instagram Story, writing: "She was so much to so many people, but she was our daughter. She lived her life with grace and blessed so many with friendship, laughter and love."

They added that her 'cause of death has not yet been determined'.

Close friend and collaborator Lil CJ Kasino spoke about the devastating news on social media, as he shared an emotional post about the rapper.

The OnlyFans star tragically died recently. (Instagram/@luvenchanting)
The OnlyFans star tragically died recently. (Instagram/@luvenchanting)

"They Don’t Know All Hours You Spent At The Kasino Studio Sleeping There Making Music Putting This S**t Together," he penned, before adding that she "Went Way Further Than Us I Always Told You How Proud I Was Of You."

Channing's boyfriend, MotionGod Bandman, meanwhile posted a photo of the couple on Facebook.

"You finally found that peace that you was looking for you. Y'all hurt me bad," he captioned the emotional post.

As per the Say Cheese X account, Channing's 'most loyal subscriber' has spoke about his devastation surrounding her death.

"Enchanting was special for a lot of people that a lot of people don't even know about. She was wonderful as an individual, Enchanting was special," he said.

As others discussed the OnlyFans star's tragic passing, the man could be seen breaking down crying.

Channing was also pretty big on YouTube as well, generating a whopping 29 million views in total.

The rapper also has around 170,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

In 2023, Channing was quizzed by the Dallas Observer about her beginnings in music.

She began in the school choir and being a cheerleader at high school.

Once graduated, the rapper worked doing hair and nails before going into the business of music.

Her 'most loyal subscriber' broke down in tears. (Instagram/@luvenchanting)
Her 'most loyal subscriber' broke down in tears. (Instagram/@luvenchanting)

"I feel like music was always something that was easy for me. I felt like I was musically inclined, always. It was something that I thought should probably put more time and effort into, because it was natural, you know, instead of trying to force a talent," she said.

Enchanting also spoke about her love for the growing number of female artists in hip-hop.

"It's looking hopeful for more and more women to just continue to blow up. I feel like it was a male-dominated sport, but now it's becoming more feminine-dominated. I love that for the girls," she said.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@luvenchanting/X

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