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Adam22 responds to alleged leak of Drake's extremely x-rated video after fans say he was 'right all along'
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Adam22/Drake

Adam22 responds to alleged leak of Drake's extremely x-rated video after fans say he was 'right all along'

Drake's name has been linked to a very explicit video doing the rounds online

Fans of Adam22 have claimed the YouTuber was 'right all along' after a explicit video allegedly featuring Drake started making its way around the internet.

If you've seen Drake trending on X recently, it's not because the rapper has released a new song.

Although he's probably wishing he had.

Instead, Drake is trending thanks to a video released by an unknown internet user which features the naked bottom half of a man.

Apparently a pretty impressive bottom half, at that.

Kick streamer Adin Ross said it best when he contacted Drake about the video, saying: "You're blessed with your voice, you're blessed with performing, you're blessed to be you, you're blessed to be number one and you're also blessed to have a f**king missile."

We don't actually know for sure whether it's Drake who features in the video, but his name has been attached to the clip as it started to do the rounds online.

While it might have led to a bit of 'Hotline Bling' for the rapper, Drake took the rumors in his stride when he responded to Ross with 'like eight laughing emojis'.

It wasn't exactly a confirmation, but it wasn't a denial either, and now some fans are pointing to extra 'proof' in the form of a comment made by Adam22.

Drake didn't confirm or deny the video to Ross.
Prince Williams/Wireimage

Back in September, the YouTuber claimed on the No Jumper podcast that one of his female friends happened to have a picture of Drake's crown jewels.

“Somehow this just randomly came up and she’s just showing me,” Adam22 said.

Clearly unable to resist commenting on what he allegedly saw, the YouTuber went on to say Drake had a 'missile on him'.

"Like, a baby arm, if you will.”

There's an image you probably didn't expect to get on a Tuesday.

Adam22 claimed Drake had a 'missile on him'.
Mark Brown/Getty Images

In the wake of the leaked video, fans are insisting that Adam22 was telling the truth when he made his claims last year.

"Someone said this the video Adam22 was talking about, and omg they might be right," one person wrote on X.

Another posts reads: "Wow, if the leaked sex tape rumors about Drake are true, then Adam22's claim about him having 'a missile on him' is indeed confirmed."

As fans discussed Adam22's previous comments, the YouTuber took to X to claim he had been telling the truth.

"I will never lead you astray," he wrote in a post on X.

UNILAD has contacted Drake's representatives for comment.

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