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Person who uploaded 'Fantasize' by Ariana Grande to Spotify fined $10,000

Person who uploaded 'Fantasize' by Ariana Grande to Spotify fined $10,000

Ariana Grande has stated that the track being leaked to the music streaming service was 'disheartening'.

A Spotify user who leaked an unreleased Ariana Grande demo to the music streaming platform is reportedly being fined thousands.

As per X account Buzzing Pop, a track dubbed ‘Fantasize’ was uploaded to Spotify under the name ‘Adriana Venti’.

The song is reportedly an unreleased Ariana Grande demo which was never intended for an album.

As per Music Times, the ‘Fantasize’ leak earned over 70,000 streams earlier this month and reached the Philippines' Spotify Daily Top Songs before it was eventually taken down.

Grande herself has even reacted to her unreleased song going viral across social media.

Commenting on a now-deleted TikTok video discussing the unreleased track, the 30-year-old allegedly said: "Wrote this for a comedy sketch about a girl group. This was the demo I made for them. Please stop spreading leaks. I appreciate it".

In another comment left on a TikTok clip, the ‘Positions’ singer wrote: “This is so disheartening. I was going to come back to this hook and use eventually.

Ariana Grande said that she found the song leaks to be 'disheartening'.

“I don’t know how people are still doing this but please stop.”

Now, the person who reportedly uploaded ‘Fantasize’ to Spotify has allegedly been fined a whopping $10,000 (£8,000).

Taking to X, they wrote: “Hello. As you all know I went to court yesterday. It did not go very well, they pulled up my tweets.. the money I made from the songs.. and other information.. but as they say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes!!

“Well, I have to pay (sic) them $10K and have to serve 48+ hours of [community service]."

The alleged leaker has reportedly been told to pay a fine for uploading Grande's track to Instagram.

Since posting the tweet, fellow X users have come out in their droves to both slate and support the reported leaker.

One wrote: “You're lucky you only got a (sic) fine of 10k and CS. You deserve it because you made money off of work which is not your own.”

A second joked: “You made 10k? S*** lemme start posting some leaks.”

“Wishing all the best for you Adriana. Things may be looking bad right now but at the end things are going to be good :),” replied a third.

A fourth wrote: “That’s what u get for uploading a leaked song idk”

Grande has previously discussed song leaks in a recent questions and answers session for her beauty brand, R.E.M.

During the chat, the actor said: "You guys have heard every bad song and b*** demo that I've ever made. Hilarious.

"It's impossible to keep things from you. You gotta take some swings and misses. I'm all out of secrets. You've stolen all my unreleased music, it's horrible.”

The star - who is set to appear as Glinda, the Good Witch in the 2024 film Wicked: Part I - has not officially released a track since 2021.

Her latest original song was her collaboration with Kid Cudi ‘Don’t Look Up’ for the soundtrack of Netflix’s disaster comedy of the same name.

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