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Adam Sandler reveals the sad truth of what it's like working on movies with his teen daughters
Featured Image Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Adam Sandler reveals the sad truth of what it's like working on movies with his teen daughters

The dad-of-two has worked with his teenage daughters in a number of projects

Dad-of-two Adam Sandler discussed the brutal reality of working with his teenage daughters after casting them in various roles.

Everyone knows that the teenage years are a rollercoaster - whether you have a teenager, know a teenager or just remember being a teenager, you'll know that the period comes with mood swings, love-hate relationships and drama.

Adam Sandler's two daughters, Sadie, 17, and Sunny, 15, have had to go through those experiences perhaps more than most as they've played them up for the camera while starring alongside their dad.

The family members all appeared together in Sandler's recent Netflix film You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, and 15-year-old Sunny also has a brief appearance in her dad's latest movie, Spaceman.

You might think that having the screen as an outlet, and having your dad on your side helping you land such cool opportunities, might help alleviate some of the day-to-day teenage behavior, but Sandler has revealed that's not necessarily the case.

Speaking during the Los Angeles premiere of Spaceman, Sandler discussed his relationship with his daughters and admitted he's still subject to regular parental treatment, even after casting them in movies.

Adam Sandler is dad to two daughters.

"They still don't talk to you. They go do their thing," he said.

Of course, Sunny and Sadie's efforts to distance themselves from their dad doesn't make him any less fond of them.

"I am on the side going, 'Love you.' I say 'I love you' a lot to them," he said.

Sandler's latest comments came after he previously discussed his love of working with his family in November, when Sunny, Sadie and Sandler's wife, Jackie, all showed their support for his movie Leo at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood.

"It’s always fun to be with my family," he said in an interview with PEOPLE at the time, adding: "It's kind of what they are thinking about getting into and their passion, and so it's good to learn with them."

Sandler has shared advice for his daughters as they get into the industry.

Sandler also shared the advice he has given his daughters as they test the waters in the acting industry.

"I tell them to make sure you feel good about what you do and how hard you worked, and you judge yourself," he said. "Don't let too many people try to get in your head. If you feel like you gave it your all, that's all you can ask."

Despite being the daughters of one of the best-known comedic actors out there, Sandler also revealed that his daughters might not completely follow in his footsteps as they 'like the serious stuff'.

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