Mia Khalifa Fans Start Petition To Have Adult Videos Removed From Internet

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Mia Khalifa Fans Start Petition To Have Adult Videos Removed From Internetmiakhalifa/Instagram

Fans of Mia Khalifa have started a petition to have her adult videos removed from the internet, after she shared a post alluding to the trauma and painful memories she has from working in the industry. 

Mia, who now works as a sport commentator, spoke out against the porn industry on TikTok, saying she experienced regular ‘dissociative attacks’ when she thought about her former work.


She worked in the porn industry for a short period in 2014, when she was 21 years old, and at one point became the most viewed performer on Pornhub’s website. Mia now refers to that time as the ‘lowest, most toxic, most uncharacteristic 3 months of [her] life’.

In a recent interview with Hero Magazine, Mia discussed how she got into the industry, explaining someone came up to her one day and asked if she wanted to model.

She explained:


I looked up the website and saw it was a lot of nude modelling…

It was just full of people who made you feel safe, and not at all like this was some shady thing to do. I got swept up in that pretty easily.

I kind of felt like it wasn’t a big deal and maybe I could do it and no-one would find out, it could be a fun thing to try out. So I said yes.

The 27-year-old, who is now a social media star, stressed that she wants people to know she’s ‘much more than who [she] used to be’. Her porn videos still exist online, and she claims to have received death threats as a result of them.


After she shared her thoughts on the industry, fans created a petition to have her videos removed.

The petition reads:

The now 27-year-old Mia Khalifa appeared in the porn industry for a short span of 3 months in 2014 at the then age of 21. She was only paid $12k from the millions of dollars that Pornhub and BangBros make off her videos.

The infamous hijab video has collected ISIS death threats that have targeted Mia from the video’s release in 2014 to today. Mia attends therapy on a consistent basis for trauma, emotional distress, and consequences of bullying.

Mia and her team have provided countless financial offers to the current owners of her domain name and pornographic videos to no avail. Big corporations are not giving Mia Khalifa a fair chance to demand her content in court due to financial advantage.


The petition calls for Mia’s domain names to be returned, for her videos to be removed and for them to be ‘fairly discussed in court without putting Mia into deep financial ruin.’

At the time of writing, June 27, the petition has almost 250,000 signatures, with a goal of 300,000. Mia shared the petition on Twitter, giving credit to ‘Gen Z’ for coming up with it and expressing her delight at its creation.

She wrote:

Does Gen Z sleep? I’m actually worried. Y’all I saw this like 30 minutes ago on tiktok and it had 500 signatures. I love y’all so much everyone who’s signed this is invited to my birthday party. It’s a guest list not a petition.


Mia previously stated she ‘didn’t feel confident enough to ever say no’ to porn work, and felt ‘under so much pressure’ while signing a ‘terrible, one-sided contract’.

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