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Marlon Wayans shares touching tribute to dad Howell who dies aged 86

Marlon Wayans shares touching tribute to dad Howell who dies aged 86

The White Chicks actor has shared a loving tribute to his late father on Instagram after he passed away aged 86.

Actor Marlon Wayans has shared a touching tribute to his father Howell, who has sadly passed away.

The announcement came after the AIR actor had been performing his stand-up show in Burbank, California yesterday (1 April), in which he posted with a photo of the father and son on Instagram.

In the lengthy statement that followed, Wayans described his father as a ‘legend’ and said that he’d always ‘put his family first’.

Wayans then added a loving tribute, which also spoke about his late mother.

"When i was a child I asked my Dad what did you want to be when grew up? He simply said 'I wanted to be a man'. I said 'not a lawyer? A doctor? An actor?' He said 'just a man'.

Marlon Wayans has shared a touching tribute to his late father.

"I said 'but every boy becomes a man'. Dad said 'Not true'. I asked 'then what’s a man?'

"My Dad said 'A man takes care of himself and his responsibilities. His family is always FIRST'. From that day on I wanted to be a MAN."

He then added: "Thank you Pop for being an example of a Man to all your boys. I pray all young black boys can grow up to be a Man like you. Baby boy loves you. And if ever i need you i know exactly where to find you… in my Bible that now sits by bed.

“Rest well. Kiss Ma for me. Tell her her babies miss her. I got two angels. I feel y’all lifting me already. If there’s a heaven i know you sitting in VIP sippin’ the best wine jesus can make..."

Howell's cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

Along with his brothers Keenen, Shawn, and Damien, the White Chicks actor grew up in New York City and struggled to live on the poverty line.

However, his father worked hard as a supermarket manager to support his family while Wayans attended Fiorello H LaGuardia High – one of the city’s most prestigious stage schools.

After that, the actor went on to star in some of the best-loved of the early noughties including Scary Movie and Requiem for a Dream.

Now also a prominent writer and producer, Wayans and his siblings have amassed a fortune of over $100 million (£81m) from their humble beginnings.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@marlonwayans / UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

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