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Keanu Reeves Reveals Which Of His Characters He Would Rather Live As

Emily Brown


Keanu Reeves Reveals Which Of His Characters He Would Rather Live AsAlamy

I’m sure everyone has their favourite Keanu Reeves character, but now the actor himself has revealed which of his famous roles he’d rather take on if it were real life. 

From Bill and Ted to The Matrix, The SpongeBob Movie to John Wick, Reeves has had roles in a pretty wide range of films over the years.


The majority of the characters are very cool, but given that they all have lives that are worthy of a movie plot, I think it’s fair to say they wouldn’t necessarily have it easy if they existed in the real world.

Matrix Reloaded 2 (Warner Bros)Warner Bros.

Still, much like Neo was forced to choose between the red and the blue pill, Reeves found himself forced to make a choice between characters during a recent appearance for the 100th episode of Red Table Talk.

Reeves was reunited with his co-stars Jada Pinkett Smith, Carrie-Ann Moss and Priyanka Chopra for the episode, which came ahead of the imminent release of The Matrix Resurrections, with the actors taking questions from fans during the show.


One Matrix fan, Donald, asked Reeves whether he would ‘rather be John Wick or Neo in real life’, and requested that he offer an explanation for his chosen character.

Check out his response below:

Reeves appeared to take into account the pros and cons of each character as he responded to say there were ‘lots of ways to go with that’, but decided to go with Neo because the cast were there ‘speaking about The Matrix Resurrections‘.


The actor went on to express his belief that he doesn’t think ‘John Wick would mind’ failing to make the cut – in fact, Reeves thinks he would ‘understand’.

He added: ‘I think to be able to be with Trinity and to have that life with them together and see what would happen.’

While Wick’s life might arguably be less complicated than someone who has to question their entire reality, Smith appeared accepting of Wick’s answer as she said: ‘I think John would definitely give a salute to that’.

John Wick Daisy (Lionsgate)Lionsgate

Reeves agreed, saying: ‘He’d be like, ‘OK, man,’.’

Fans will be able to get a look at Reeves in character as Neo when The Matrix Resurrections is released next week, but those who prefer Wick will have to wait a little bit longer, with the fourth instalment of the action-packed franchise set to arrive next year, followed by a fifth film at a date which is yet to be revealed.

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Red Table Talk/Facebook
  1. Red Table Talk/Facebook

    John Wick or Neo: Who Would Keanu Rather Be?

Emily Brown
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