Justin Bieber Criticised For Liking Meme About Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift fans are furious at Justin Bieber and it all revolves around a silly meme. 

Ending the year at the mercy of crazed stans, Justin Bieber has found himself in hot water with Taylor Swift‘s army, who have been known for being quite ruthless when it comes to protecting their queen.

The controversy erupted after Bieber was apparently seen liking a meme on Instagram that seemed to poke fun of the Evermore singer. The meme compares a picture of Swift to a pot of rice and it’s fair to say that the images do look similar.

However, once Bieber’s username popped up in the meme post’s likes, Swift’s die hard fans stormed in to create a feud between the two pop stars.


While there is clearly no evidence of a feud between Swift and Bieber, the Swifties are at war with Bieber and have taken to social media to air their disgust.

According to Instagram user @defnoodles, a Swift fan who clearly had an issue with Bieber liking the meme wrote, ‘mustin being obsessed and paying attention to everyone except his wife’. Another disgruntled fan wrote, ‘Such a loser you will never be on her good graces’.

One fan even accused Bieber of making fun of Swift in a vulnerable moment, attempting to prove that he has always disliked Swift. They wrote, ‘I always said how weird it was that no one has noticed how he’s always checking out what taylor does like i remember how he went on IG live and made fun of the video of her post lasik surgery’.

While the Swifties were the loudest in creating the apparent feud, others on social media attempted to quiet the controversy with some common sense. One Twitter user described how many people might not even realize who the meme was about, writing ‘The way I could show this pic to anyone at work and no one would know it’s Taylor plz’.

Another person on Twitter also agreed that Justin may not actually know the meme had Taylor in it, writing ‘Pretty sure Justin doesn’t know it’s taylor but well’.

While multiple people have brought up Bieber’s comments on Swift’s eye surgery as proof that he is not a fan of hers, it’s not clear that he actually has a dislike for her or her music.

Neither Swift nor Bieber have commented on this fake feud at the time of writing.

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