John Cena Is A Massive K-Pop Fan And Wants BTS To Know About It

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John Cena Is A Massive K-Pop Fan And Wants BTS To Know About ItNBC/SLAY BTS/Facebook

World champion wrestler and energetic dance-pop music might be a surprising combination, but it’s one John Cena is embracing. 

The actor and WWE star has been open about his love for K-pop band BTS for a few years now, having regularly taken to social media to share images and screenshots of the band and himself listening to their music.

Given that BTS has a huge worldwide fanbase, so forceful that it’s known as the BTS Army, it’s not surprising that the band managed to win over Cena, and the Army has welcomed him with open arms.

Cena gushed about the band during a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon – check it out below:


The wrestler first hinted about his love for BTS in February 2018, when he posted a picture of BTS’s resident dancer and rapper J-Hope to his Instagram page. The post was the first of many to come, and the BTS Army came to realise that Cena didn’t just like their music, he also shared in their message of self-love and positivity.

Discussing how he got into K-pop, Cena told Fallon that he felt he should ‘know about’ BTS due to their huge popularity.

K-Pop Fans Match Boy Band's $1 Million Donation To Black Lives MatterPA Images

He continued:

So when I started to look at BTS, I listened to their music, and I was immediately drawn because there are rappers in that crew and they use – on some of their intro tracks and bookend tracks, they use sick ass boom-bap beats and they actually rap.

And I was like, this is great. I got interested in their music, and then I got interested in what the music stood for. They advocate self-love, they advocate don’t be afraid of failure, they advocate that you are enough, they are trying to shatter all the stereotypical difficulties and uncomfortable situations that we go through.

And they’re catering to an audience that is living that, young people. That’s why they’re so popular around the world, one – they’re great performers, but the message they send resonates with the people.

Cena is yet to meet BTS’s seven band members, but when he learned that they were keen to meet him he admitted he was ‘floored’.

The wrestler went on to praise the band’s followers, explaining they weren’t just ‘geeked out fans’, but people who are willing to follow in the footsteps of BTS’s good deeds.

He explained:

BTS donated a million bucks to Black Lives Matter and Army was like, if they can do it, we can do it. Fans who are already coming out of their pocket to support artists came out of their pocket more for charity.

And it’s not the first time that they’ve done this. This BTS Army charity gives a bunch to philanthropic causes.

So as an artist, as a performer, hell man we have fun. We do good stuff. But if we can resonate through the television to you at home, to come out of your pocket to give to a cause – that’s work and that’s purpose. That’s f*cking changing the world.

Cena stressed that even if people aren’t a fan of K-pop, there’s no denying that how the band ‘conduct themselves as human beings’ and the ‘message they send to the world’ is ‘something special’.

The actor has joked in the past about being the band’s bodyguard, so it’s clear he’s willing to defend them at all costs. Maybe one day they’ll finally be introduced and he can share his praises in person.

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