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Jennifer Lopez was afraid Leonardo DiCaprio would be angry after she showed his 'flirty' text to the world
Featured Image Credit: CBS/Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Jennifer Lopez was afraid Leonardo DiCaprio would be angry after she showed his 'flirty' text to the world

Lopez chatted about her text exchange with the actor during an interview with James Corden.

Jennifer Lopez was afraid Leonardo DiCaprio would be 'mad' after she exposed his 'flirty' response to a text message.

The ‘Jenny From the Block’ singer, 53, pulled a hilarious prank during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden which included some flirty text messages with the Oscar-winner, 48.

Lopez joined Corden, 44, during his music-themed segment Carpool Karaoke in 2016, where the pair sang some of her biggest hits, like ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ and ‘On The Floor’.

They also found the time to prank DiCaprio. The text message sent from Lopez’s phone was actually sent by the Cats actor. It read: ‘Hey baby, I’m kinda feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? Let me know, J Lo. You know, from the block.”

The Monster in Law actress sat and watched as Corden typed away on her phone. In a funny twist, DiCaprio actually responded and he was totally game.

He said: “You mean tonight, boo-boo? Club-wise?”

Leonardo DiCaprio responded to Jennifer Lopez's text message.
Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

The following year, Lopez returned to Corden’s show and the two pranksters revealed a few more details about the text exchange with the Titanic star.

In their first reunion since they filmed the Carpool Karaoke segment, Corden admitted that his favourite part of their collab was texting Leonardo DiCaprio – and who can blame him?

“How mad did he get?” Corden quizzed Lopez, who was joined on the show by guests Terry Crews and Justin Theroux.

“He wasn’t mad at all! You know, I was afraid he would be mad when it all came out – he was so cool about it.”

The late-night host then recited the text message to fill in everyone who was in the studio. For Lopez, it was the ‘most embarrassing 20 minutes’ waiting for the Hollywood bachelor to reply. When his reply finally came through, the mum-of-two said she was surprised by it.

James Corden and Jennifer Lopez joked about the prank a year later.

“That also surprised me – that he actually thought that was me texting him.

She added: “He answered back like it was totally normally that you would speak that way to him.”

Corden pressed for more juicy details, asking: "Did you know he calls you boo-boo?” to which J Lo appeared to take a cheeky swipe at DiCaprio’s eternal bachelor reputation.

She joked: “I guess he calls every girl boo-boo!”

In another unexpected twist, a company started printing T-shirts with DiCaprio’s text message written on the front.

It’s not exactly clear whether DiCaprio was in on the joke but one thing’s for sure – he’ll always come through if you need to cut loose.

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