Jamie Foxx Reveals Which Stephen King Classic He’s Rewritten With A Black Lead

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Jamie Foxx Reveals Which Stephen King Classic He's Rewritten With A Black LeadAlamy

Django Unchained and Just Mercy star Jamie Foxx has revealed he’s rewritten a classic Stephen King novel to incorporate a Black lead actor. 

King is famous for his suspenseful horror and supernatural novels, and over the years many of his projects have been reimagined on the big screen, with popular titles including IT, The Shining and Doctor Sleep. 

Foxx, meanwhile, is best known for his acting roles, with a handful of writing credits on various TV series, specials and shorts. Earlier this month, however, he made clear that he is keen about the adaptation and creation of bigger projects.

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Speaking to Men’s Health magazine, the actor said it’s the ‘opportunity to dream’ and the ‘opportunity to realise those dreams’, thanks to his talent and power as an A-lister, that keeps him up at night and gets him up in the morning.

One such dream was the creation of his own version of the Stephen King classic Misery (1987), which tells the story of a best-selling horror author who is kidnapped and tortured by his number one fan in an effort to get him to write a sequel to his latest book.

Revealing the progress he’s made with his projects, he said, ‘Opportunity gets me moving. Great idea, then I went to sleep and I woke up and that sh*t was in my dream. Now, I wrote the Black Ocean’s Eleven, or I just rewrote Misery.’

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Foxx’s version of the story has been inspired by an encounter he had with a couple of who won an evening with him at a charity auction. Though the pair were obviously doing their bit for a good cause by donating their money, Foxx admitted the evening didn’t quite go to plan.

He said, ‘You know what an actor loves more than money? Compliments. I was supposed to be there for 30 minutes. I ended up staying there for two hours – doing sh*t from Ray. But then it got weird. So I built upon that.’

Though Foxx’s version of the film currently seems to exist only in the actor’s writing, it will be interesting to see whether he decides to pursue the project and take on the starring role.

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