It’s Hugh Grant’s Birthday Today And People Still Cannot Get Over His Middle Name

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It's Hugh Grant's Birthday Today And People Still Cannot Get Over His Middle NameUniversal Pictures/PA Images

We all have that one friend who refuses to tell anyone their middle name, either because it’s a rogue choice, embarrassingly old-fashioned or just simply quite strange. 

However, Hugh Grant did not keep his middle name hidden and today, September 9, 2021, on the actor’s birthday, fans still cannot get enough of it.

If you were going to guess Grant’s middle name, you would probably go for something terribly British, probably quite old-fashioned and something that matched the style of his infamous flopping hair.

However, in reality, his middle name is far from it and much cooler than to be expected.

Hugh Grant during the filming for the Graham Norton Show at BBC Studioworks 6 Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, to be aired on BBC One on Friday evening - Isabel Infantes/PA Archive/PA ImagesPA

Grant, who turns 61 years old today, is formally known as Hugh John Mungo Grant, and fans are still discussing the revelation of his second middle name being ‘Mungo’.

Upon finding out this novel fact, fans took to Twitter to express their delight at their revelation. One said: ‘Hugh Mungo… Hugh Mungus… Hummungus.’

Another wrote:

When things look bleak, and all Hope seems lost, I like to reflect on how Hugh Grant’s middle name is ‘Mungo’. This guy’s f*cking name is ‘Hugh Mungo Grant’.

A third commented: ‘Feel like we’re never talking enough about the fact that hugh grant’s actual middlename is ‘mungo’ and so his name is hugh mungo grant.’

Further research into Grant’s middle name shows the word ‘mungo’ can also be a noun meaning ‘a low-grade wool from felted rags or waste’, according to

So, while the actor will be remembered on his 61st birthday for his sarcastic and often playboy roles, wooing the likes of Bridget Jones with his devilish floppy hair, before being caught with another woman naked in the bathroom, fans are taking the occasion to relish over the news of his surprising and unique middle name.

We wish Hugh John Mungo Grant, a hughmungo-usly happy birthday!

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