Incredible Moment The Rock Surprises A Celebrity Tour Bus

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Incredible Moment The Rock Surprises A Celebrity Tour Bustherock/Instagram

The Rock just surprised a celebrity tour bus while on a morning drive, causing fans to go into a frenzy.

If there was ever a better sight to see when staring out the window of your car, while stuck at a red light, then this is one of them.


Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has been recorded driving along on a Saturday morning (as one does in a vehicle), before he then pulls up and stops next to a celebrity tour bus.

Dwayne Johnson arrives at Disney's JUNGLE CRUISE World Premiere (PA Images)Poppy Bilderbeck

As he approaches the tour bus he can be heard saying: ‘Well this is kind of funny, there’s a tour bus here, that always tours through my neighbourhood.’

Upon pulling up next to the bus full of tourists, The Rock performs the best one-liner possible, sending fans into a frenzy, screaming, waving and drawing out their phones.


Johnson turns his head towards the oncoming bus, before casually saying: ‘Hey you guys know where I can find The Rock?’

His off-hand comment sends all those onboard the tour bus into a state of shock, with many screaming and others reaching for their phones. The Rock reassures them that he’ll wait, before asking how everyone is doing on the bus.

Just before continuing to drive again, Johnson wishes the fans well before telling them to ‘have a good trip’. One lucky fan even gets told The Rock ‘loves’ them too. He then pulls away in his vehicle laughing, ‘ah well, that was fun. It was a good way to start off my Saturday.’


The video has since been posted on Reddit, where it has amassed over 59,800 votes and 2,200 comments with other fans flocking to the comments in awe of the encounter. One wrote: ‘What can he say except you’re welcome.’

Meanwhile, another said:

Dude. Imagine needing a feel good moment on a Saturday morning so you roll down your window as you pass a bus full of people and BOOM! Instant rockstar status.

I’m glad he uses his powers for good is all I’m sayin’.

A third commented: ‘Him driving away and enjoying the moment then figuring out the rest of his “To Do” list like every other dude is just the best.’

Dwayne Johnson (PA Images)PA

Cue everyone now being on the lookout for celebs for a Monday morning pick-me-up. Although, anything less than The Rock’s brilliant one-liners and being told he loves me just simply won’t do.

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