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Ice Cube furiously responds to Kanye West mentioning him in latest rant

Ice Cube furiously responds to Kanye West mentioning him in latest rant

Ice Cube has hit back and Kanye West's recent podcast appearance.

Ice Cube has hit back and Kanye West's recent podcast appearance, in which he says the NWA rapper 'influenced' him to make anti-Semitic comments.

During the now infamous Drink Champs episode, which aired Sunday 16 October, Kanye brought up Ice Cube several times, in reference to the 'Gold Digger' rapper's recent anti-Semitic comments.

The podcast comes after West was locked out of two major social media platforms in the wake of a number of bizarre anti-Jewish posts about fellow rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs.

Kanye mentioned Ice Cube in a recent podcast.
Drink Champs

The Donda rapper also found himself in hot water with Meta, run by Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish, after he shared a post on Instagram that suggested Diddy was being controlled by Jewish people.

The controversial rapper also told a YouTube podcast channel that Floyd’s death, which sparked a resurgence in the Black Lives Matter movement, was due to drugs.

Now, Cube has hit back, distancing himself from Kanye's comments.

During the episode, Ye said that Cube 'really set me up for this', he went on to add that "[He] really influenced me to get on this anti-Semite vibe."

Ice Cube hit back at Kanye.

As you can imagine, Ice Cube was not happy and took to Twitter to share his frustration: "I hate that my name was dragged into this Drunk Champs bullshit. I don’t know what Ye meant by his statements, you’re gonna have to ask him. I didn’t put the batteries in his back. Please leave my name out of all the antisemitic talk. I’m not antisemitic and never have been."

Ice Cube isn't the only one that wasn't happy with the episode, with viewers quickly taking to social media to air their frustration at the podcast.

Kanye spoke about some of the comments he had recently made on social media (
Drink Champs)

One viewer wrote: "He is the definition of self hating and loathing. He is NOT an intelligent person. He is a musical savant but THATS WHERE IT ENDS."

While another said: "Next time Nore give him some real TOUGH love/criticism. Don’t pander to him because of who he is. Real friends need to be held accountable and right now he needs that more than ever!!!"

A third called the podcast a 'joke' and clearly wasn't impressed with the host: "No in depth or critical thinking from Nore! He just pacified Kanye instead of providing him hard facts, constructive and intellectually inclined truths.

This is a joke."

Following the episode, host N.O.R.E apologised for not addressing Kanye's remarks at the time: "I still believe people have a right to speak, whether it’s something you agree with or not, but you have a right to also check them – and check them immediately.

"That’s what I regret."

Featured Image Credit: Ice Cube/Instagram/Drink Champs/YouTube

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