Gordon Ramsay’s Behaviour Mocked By Daughter Tilly In Hilarious Video

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Gordon Ramsay's Behaviour Mocked By Daughter Tilly In Hilarious Video@tillyramsay/TikTok

After spending years judging people for their actions in the kitchen, Gordon Ramsay got a taste of his own medicine as his daughter Tilly began rating his every move. 

The 20-year-old began judging her father during a recent trip to the Maldives, where the celebrity chef’s family celebrated the new year from sun loungers.

When she wasn’t making fans jealous by posing on a sunny beach, Tilly was filming Ramsay for a compilation video on TikTok, which saw him relaxing on a day bed, singing along to some tunes and, of course, scrutinising his meals.

Check it out below:


Tilly offered up a rating for each of her dad’s actions, giving him a mere two out of 10 for being jetlagged and one out of 10 for ‘cycling off with his fave child’ and making the rest of the family walk.

Ramsay’s ratings didn’t get much better as he received a zero for not being in the party spirit on New Year’s Eve, but he managed to regain some approval from his daughter as she gave him five out of 10 for a ‘cheeky foot boogie’.

It seems the celebrity chef quickly got over his apathetic mood on New Year as he later received a whopping ‘100,000/10’ for being in ‘full on party mode for 2022’, with footage showing him singing, bobbing his head and clicking along to a song.

Other scores included ’50/10′ for ‘living his best life on the back of a buggy’, but his rating dropped dramatically when he reverted back to ‘work mode’ and began to judge the food he’d been served, for which he received ‘-100/10’.

Fans were delighted to get an insight into Ramsay’s life beyond his Kitchen Nightmares, with one person joking that they could ‘only imagine the pure stress of eating anywhere’ with Gordon Ramsay.

In response to a scene of Ramsay going on a ‘snorkel alone’, which earned him a rating of ‘-2,000/10’, another person wrote: ‘Imagine snorkelling for fish in the sea and Gordon floats past.’

A third TikToker joked that the scenes of Ramsay having fun were ‘something that feels illegal to see’.

Prior to Tilly sharing her video, Ramsay took to Instagram to share some images of himself holding his youngest son, Oscar, as he celebrated the new year.

Though he only featured one of his five kids in the snap, he wrote: ‘Little Man Big Man Happy New Year lots of love from all the Ramsay’s. [sic]’ The picture itself didn’t receive a rating from Tilly, though I’m sure the exclusion of the rest of the family would have lost the chef a few points.

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Tilly Ramsay/TikTok
  1. Tilly Ramsay/TikTok


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