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Fan was selling contacts that have ‘seen Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour’ for $10,000

Rachel Lang

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Fan was selling contacts that have ‘seen Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour’ for $10,000

Featured Image Credit: ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo. Depop

Swifties, today could be your lucky day.

If you have a spare USD$10,000 ($AUD14,700, £7,900) and want to be the proud owner of two small, useless plastic discs with someone else's eye juice on them, then they're all yours.

Yeah, we aren't kidding.


One Taylor Swift fan had a bit of an entrepreneurial moment after seeing her in concert.

They took to digital e-commerce platform Depop to sell contact lenses they wore to Swift's Eras Tour.

The listing on the digital marketplace explained that the contact lenses are 'used' but are in an 'excellent condition'.

Credit: Depop
Credit: Depop

So you could put them in your own eyes and swish them around and it'd be like you were actually there, too.

Nah, actually, don't do that, it's gross.

Come to think of it, Swifties, we need to talk.

This writer is one of you. Yes, I am a huge Tay Tay fan but, for the love of God, this has gone too far.


As well as triggering the Swiftie writing this story, the quite frankly revolting Depop post has now started circulating the world wide web... and let's just say reactions were mixed.

One user said: "Swifties are so unhinged. I love us so much."

A second added: "I respect the hustle."

A third joked: "We love a business woman."


Others labeled the strange listing as 'disgusting', 'weird', and 'embarrassing'.


But there were others who were 100 per cent on board with the souvenir item.

One person said: "You know what? If I didn’t have tickets I would consider buying."

A second chipped in with: "If I had the money I would buy them."

And a third made us worry for their health when they said: "I’d buy, I have no personality outside of being a Taylor fan."

The person then actually tagged Swift on Twitter and added: "This is how much of a dedicated fan I am! If you told me to roll around in shards of glass I would!"

What. Is. happening.

Seriously, this fandom is getting out of control and bordering on celebrity worship.

Oh, and for the record, the Depop listing has now been removed so you can't buy someone else's manky contact lenses even if you wanted to.

The lister said it was all a big joke and they were never actually selling them.

However, now that we've seen people would pay good money for something like that, it could be posted again to see what the top bid is.

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Rachel Lang
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