Elon Musk Mocked For ‘Throwing Out’ SNL Skit Ideas On Twitter

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Elon Musk Mocked For 'Throwing Out' SNL Skit Ideas On TwitterPA Images/nbcsnl/Twitter

Elon Musk has been mocked on Twitter after he started spitballing ideas for a skits ahead of his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The late-night comedy show is famous for its unapologetic sketches performed by comedians, actors and entertainers, so many fans were confused when it was announced that businessman and SpaceX CEO Musk would be hosting SNL on May 8.

While Musk is known to throw out some quirky and satirical tweets every now and again, comedy is not his specialty, and many social media users were quick to highlight that when he started ‘throwing out’ ideas for his appearance on the show online.

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The Tesla boss opened the floor to his followers yesterday, May 1, when he wrote: ‘Throwing out some skit ideas for SNL. What should I do?’

Though Musk was met with a wealth of ideas from followers, he couldn’t help but attempt a few sketch proposals of his own, including ‘Irony Man’, which would presumably star an Iron Man-esque hero who Musk said ‘defeats villains using the power of irony.’

Another of his ideas was ‘Baby Shark Tank’, made up of an amalgamation of the viral children’s song Baby Shark and the entrepreneurial-themed show Shark Tank.

Obviously there’d have to be a lot more thought put into the sketches to make them suitable for TV, but at first glance they’re not looking too promising.

Responding to Musk’s suggestions, one Twitter user wrote: ‘This is what an absolute moron thinks a good SNL skit would be.’

Another commented: ‘who decided this man should host snl.’

Others Twitter users suggested Musk needed to give up before he embarrassed himself further, with one writing ‘stop man this isn’t for you,’ while another commented: ‘Can someone take @elonmusk phone away from him.’

Only time will tell whether any of Musk’s ideas actually make it to Saturday Night Live, but whether for success or disaster, the show will likely be an entertaining one.

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