Dwayne The Rock Johnson Shares Mesmerisingly Intense Leg Workout


Dwayne The Rock Johnson Shares Mesmerisingly Intense Leg WorkoutAlamy/@therock/Instagram

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock has revealed his go-to leg workout at the gym, leaving fans in absolute awe.

The Rock certainly doesn’t look like he skips leg day judging by the size of the weight he is lifting in a video he’s shared to Instagram.


To be honest, I thought the video was looped, until I realised that Johnson had in fact been thrusting all the way through for the whole 33 seconds.


Workout videos don’t get much more hardcore than this.

Looking like he is lifting a weight the size of a car, the Fast and Furious star really lives up to the strength associated with his name.


The fact the 33-second video is simply a snippet of the end of his workout has me similarly astounded as his 278 million followers.

Dwayne Johnson Attitude To Filmmaking After Baldwin Rust Shooting - AlamyAlamy

The Rock captioned the clip:

Bad ass song to train legs to. Smashed leg training this morning and finished with this reloaded power squat 4×25.

Give it a shot next leg day.

* raise the foot platform to target certain areas of the quads and glutes. These final 100 reps at the end of your leg training are brutal, but extremely productive.

Put yourself thru hell when you train, but especially on leg day. Legs separate the men from the boys. Don’t skip it.


The post has since amassed over seven million views, one million likes, and 10,000 comments, with users flooding to the comments in awe of the glimpse into The Rock’s workout. One said: ‘Slowly getting off my sofa…’

Another wrote: 

KILLIN IN ON LEG DAY BROTHER. Hardest worker in the room.

A third commented: ‘The beast.’


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