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What Is Drake’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Drake’s Net Worth In 2022?

Often regarded as our generation’s answer to the Beatles, Drake is beloved by almost all

Drake is often regarded as our generation’s answer to the Beatles, a wildly successful star beloved by almost all with a tune for every occasion.

This view is not without merit, he is among the world’s best-selling music artists ever, a serial awards winner and he wields a staggering influence on pop culture.

He has NBA endorsements, does fashion collaborations or and is responsible for the infamous ‘Drake curse’ that has plagued sports teams for years.

Drizzy first broke through in the music scene all the way back in 2010 with his first album Thank me Later. 

Unlike so many emerging rappers, his star did not wane but only increased in brilliance, as subsequent albums like Take Care and Nothing was the same created an international superstar. 

Jams like ‘Hold on We’re going Home’, ‘One Dance’ and ‘Controlla’ have cemented Drake’s place in modern music history.

In the wake of the Canadian’s latest release, Honestly Nevermind, many are wondering just how much the 35-year-old is worth?

What Is Drake’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Drake is worth an estimated $250 million (£210.3 million) according to celebritynetworth. 

Despite the image of Drake as a mild-mannered softboy that prevails in meme culture, the ‘Passionfruit’ singer has been involved in a series of high-profile feuds throughout his career.

He’s physically tangled with Diddy and Chris Brown, and had wars of words with Kanye West and Pusha T.

The accusation that Drake’s brilliance came through the aid of a ghostwriter has been a frequent club with which to beat the father of one; Kendrick Lamar notably alluded to this in bars.

However, Drake has shown a knack for diplomacy, managing to resolve many of these. 

Drake’s high net worth does not solely stem from his musical artistry, but from a shrewd business operation.

Endorsement deals with companies such as Burger King and Coca-Cola have contributed 10s of millions to his coffers.

The Canadian superstar also owns a record label, OVO Sound, which houses such stars as Majid Jordan and PartyNextDoor. In addition, he’s dabbled in everything from fashion to creating his own bourbon whiskey. 

Unsurprisingly, Drake’s lifestyle is one of indulgence and luxury. The Canadian lives in a $100 million estate in Toronto that was built from the ground up.

He also has a string of houses in Beverley Hills. The 4x Grammy winner has a private Boeing 737, a class usually reserved for airliners. Oceans of ink have been split over Drake’s on and off again relationship with Rhianna, and the pair also collaborated on many hits.

He has a son, Adonis, with French painter and model Sophie Brussax. 

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