Awkward moment Donald Trump asked child if she still believed in Santa

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Awkward moment Donald Trump asked child if she still believed in Santa

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Love him or hate him, one thing we can all agree is that Donald Trump's presidency was packed with comedic moments.

And as it's Christmas, why don't we look back on the brilliant moment the former President of the United States asked a seven-year-old child if they still believed in Santa Claus?

Watch the brilliant moment here:


Back on Christmas Eve in 2018, Trump and his wife Melania were taking part in a festive tradition, whereby they took calls from children ringing the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Santa tracker, seeking updates on the fat bearded bloke's progress.

One such child was Collman Lloyd, from Lexington, South Carolina, and none other than The Donald took the call.

Now, of course, over-the-phone small talk between a guy in his seventies and a seven-year-old stranger is always going to be awkward, but Trump could've perhaps fallen back on some classic conversation starters: what do you want for Christmas? Are you excited? Do you prefer Republicans or Democrats? That kind of thing.

However, Trump elected for none of the above, preferring instead to inadvertently undermine the entire purpose of the call.

"Are you still a believer in Santa?" he asked. "Because at seven, it's marginal, right?"


He f***ed it. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo
He f***ed it. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

Thankfully, the question didn't shake Collman's belief - largely because she'd never heard the word 'marginal' before.

She simply replied, 'Yes, sir,' and confirmed to The Post and Courier that Santa had indeed devoured the iced sugar cookies and chocolate milk she's left out for Santa.

So there was nothing marginal about it, thank you very much Donald.

The gaffe occurred as part of a long-standing tradition.

Since 1955, NORAD has been using radar detection to track Santa's journey as he travels the whole globe in a night delivering presents.

So, some lucky kids get the opportunity to chat with the President or First Lady to help them find out where the big man is.

As an aside, you could lose hours just watching the live feed of a tiny CGI sleigh flying on Google Maps - it's boring, but mesmerising.

Hopefully this time around Joe Biden doesn't tell any toddlers that Santa's location is Imagination Land.

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