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Diddy pays $5,000 a day for haircuts

Diddy pays $5,000 a day for haircuts

They must be some very good haircuts to cost $5,000 a day

Diddy-you know you can make some serious cash by being a personal barber to some of the most famous faces in the world?

It turns out the art of giving someone a darn good haircut can earn you a decent bit of dough, at least if your client is rapper Diddy.

Thinking about it, how much money in your life have you spent on getting your hair cut, it's probably more than you'd reckon but much less than Diddy spends on the same thing in just one day.

While we might fork over plenty of cash to make sure we're getting the hairdo we want, Diddy is spending a fortune on a daily basis just to look his absolute best at all times.

The rapper explained exactly why he has such an expensive hairdo habit and paid tribute to Marcus, his faithful and likely very wealthy barber.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper revealed the insane price he pays just to get his hair cut, and how many times a day he goes in for a trim.

He said: "It's a thousand a cut y'all, no for real because like this my barber.

"I share him with the world, he's one of the best but it's like, I'm outside outside, I need my hair done every five minutes."

If you can't trust your barber then who can you trust?
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"If you gonna pay that price I can spend, you know what I'm saying? My daily price is $5,000, you know, and I'm just telling y'all the truth because this is my barber Marcus, I love you brother.

"Don't take less than a thousand king, know your worth."

Marcus could be heard in the background echoing the 'know your worth' line while throughout the video he could be seen attending to Diddy's hair to ensure it was exactly how the rapper wanted it.

People who saw Diddy's video explaining the bond with his barber were largely confused how he could be spending up to $5,000 a day on getting his hair done.


One commenter spotted a pretty decent job opportunity and offered to 'comb hair for $500', while another joked that Diddy had been sporting 'the same haircut since the 90s' and paid tribute to barber Marcus for making some money.

Another commenter thought the rapper was paying a ridiculous price, declaring that 'a haircut should never cost over $20', with someone else saying Diddy was getting '$20 results' for his $5,000 a day rate.

Asking the real questions was someone who wondered 'how you paying $1,000 for a haircut and still need one'.

However, one commenter who seemed to have enjoyed Marcus' services said the barber provided 'an experience you will never forget'.

A second commenter echoed Diddy and Marcus' words to 'know your worth' and said the high fee was the price of being 'on call 24 hours 7 days a week' whenever and wherever necessary.

At the end of the day it's Diddy's money and he can spent it on what he likes, and the rapper has had such a successful career that he's got a lot of money.

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