Danny Trejo Says Ex-Cons Who’ve Paid Their Debt To Society Should Be Able To Vote

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With the 2020 US Election just around the corner, actor Danny Trejo has said he believes that ex-cons should be able to vote.

Trejo himself has spent time behind bars prior to pursuing his acting career. He has starred in the movies such as Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Desperado and Machete, as well as the popular Sky Kids franchise.

The 76-year-old reportedly spent 11 years in and out of California prisons and did his first stint in jail in 1962 for drug dealing and robbery.

With this in mind, Trejo was recently asked whether he believes ex-cons should be able to vote and whether he thinks it’s wrong that many can’t vote.


Speaking to TMZ, the actor said:

I think anybody out of prison should be able to vote – whether on parole or probation. And I honestly believe right now if you’re in the county jail, that’s before you’ve gone to prison, that you should be able to vote because you haven’t been convicted.

Trejo continued, ‘It’s one of our rights – our constitutional rights, you know. You’ve paid your debt.’

He was also asked what his thoughts were on the work that President Trump has done in regards to prison reform. Responding to this, the Heat actor said, ‘The work Trump has done? Urm, I honestly think that Kim Kardashian has done more work than Trump.’

Niamh Shackleton

Kardashian-West has been working with lawyers in recent years to help free inmates from prison whom she believes doesn’t belong there.

Last year, in just 90 days, the 40-year-old successfully helped 117 prisoners be released. The reality TV star is also training to become a lawyer herself.

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