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Fans confused with Daniel Day Lewis' outfit as actor is spotted for first time in four years

Fans confused with Daniel Day Lewis' outfit as actor is spotted for first time in four years

The 'human chameleon' actor has stunned fans with his latest outfits

Daniel Day-Lewis has been spotted out and about for the first time in four years - and his astonishing outfit has left people utterly confused.

The reclusive actor, 66, is known for being an acclaimed, three-time Oscar winner and a ‘90s menswear style icon'. However, the new pictures are leaving many folks questioning the latter.

After starring in his final film, Phantom Thread, the 2017 drama in which Day-Lewis played a haute couture fashion designer, the actor has mostly stayed out of the spotlight.

Daniel Day-Lewis was spotted out and about in New York.

That is until last week, when he was seen on two separate occasions walking the streets of New York City with his wife, Rebecca Miller, while wearing some interesting threads.

The Lincoln actor’s latest drip consisted of a blue and brown-coloured striped tracksuit paired with dark glasses, black Hoka trainers and a Yoshimura brand trucker hat to top it all off - with his chin-length wavy hair underneath.

The second rare Day-Lewis sighting happened the next day and the actor switched his suit for a black zip-up hoodie which he wore over a blue striped t-shirt. He paired this with bright yellow ‘Swooshie Pants’ from the skate brand One Gig.

After wowing fans with his unique suits in the ‘90s, the well-known former method actor has apparently reinvented himself as a hipster skater and social media is having a field day.

It was his first public sighting in over four years.

Although there are some Twitter users who are absolutely roasting the iconic actor’s latest garments, others are impressed.

“Looks like #danieldaylewis woke up in skid row,” one Twitter user mused. “The most talented actor of his generation wearing tracksuits and baseball caps at 66 retired too young.”

Another Twitter user remarked: “Daniel Day Lewis probably got fatwa’d.”

Sharing a picture of Day-Lewis in his blue and brown tracksuit, another Twitter user declared: “Daniel Day Lewis - Drip God.”

While a different fan wrote: “Daniel Day Lewis, the human chameleon, strikes again.”

One fan wished he kept on acting - but only in Adam Sandler comedies.

One Twitter user said: "It’s pretty cool that Daniel Day Lewis retired and sorta disappeared but it would have been even cooler he had kept acting but only in Adam Sandler comedies."

Sharing a picture of some of Day-Lewis' outfits, someone else remarked: "Why is Daniel Day Lewis always a mood?"

After it was implied that Day-Lewis took inspiration from Timothée Chalamet, one Twitter had this to say: "Excuse me? Oh...noooooo... No, no, nonononoooo. Daniel Day Lewis is not dressing like Timothée Chalamet. Timothée Chalamet is dressing like Daddy Lewis. Get it right."

Featured Image Credit: Backgrid

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