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UFC Boss Dana White Gives YouTuber $250,000 As A Birthday Present
Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @KyleForgeard

UFC Boss Dana White Gives YouTuber $250,000 As A Birthday Present

That's one hell of a gift.

Dana White has gifted a YouTuber $250,000 (£210,000) as a birthday present.

The UFC boss gave the generous present to Kyle Forgeard, one of the founders of the YouTube channel and entertainment company Nelk.

In footage of the moment, the entertainment star, who's just turned 28, could be heard saying 'what the f***' as he opens the bag, filled to the brim with a wad of cash. 

Dana then replies, “You’re getting more” as he smiles and watches on as his friend opens his gift.

“No, holy f***! That’s f***ed bro,” Kyle responds in shock. You can watch the moment below:

Whilst a gift that outlandish is indeed an impressive sight, fans are torn about the way the UFC mogul is splashing his cash.

“I would’ve liked it a lot better if he gifted it to a fighter who is struggling to make ends meet and might have CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy),” one onlooker remarked.

Someone else wrote: “​​Meanwhile his fighters work two jobs just to support their families.”

“Pays his fighters 20k then gives away 250k to someone who doesn’t need it,” said another, while a different viewer agreed, adding: “He ain’t paying his fighters like that.”

Dana White has gifted a YouTuber $250,000 (£210,000) as a birthday present.

“Usually I don’t mind Dana but this p***ed me off. The majority of the roster doesn’t even get a 10th of that per fight, and these are people that need the money, unlike Kyle or anyone from Nelk. Just shows how detached Dana is from the real world now,” someone else lamented.

Jake Paul has previously made attempts with Dana to improve UFC pay and conditions, having promised to quit boxing if the boss met his demands.

In a post on Twitter, Paul hit out at White for not taking care of his fighters after their careers ended or if they were to suffer injury.

He said: "Happy new year @danawhite. Here is a real challenge for you.

"I will immediately retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in the UFC if you agree to:

Paul then screenshotted and shared a list of his demands.

"1) Increase min fighter pay per fight to $50K (it’s $12K now)

"2) Guarantee UFC fighters 50 percent of UFC annual revenues ($1bn in 2021)

"3) Provide long term healthcare to all fighters (you previously said brain damage is part of the gig…imagine the NFL said that). There are many UFC alums who have publicly said they are suffering from brain damage.

"You have five days to accept and to implement the above by March 31, 2022. Once implemented, I will retire from boxing, enter USADA and agree to a 1 fight deal with UFC to fight weak chin Jorge.

"To all UFC fighters – time to take a stand and create value for yourselves and peers. You deserve higher pay, you deserve long term healthcare and above all you deserve freedom. Support each other."

He added: "I am not your enemy, I am your advocate… who selfishly wants to KO a few of you to make some big bank."

You can read more on that here.

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