Creators Of Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes Reveal Whose Blood Is Actually Inside

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Creators Of Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes Reveal Whose Blood Is Actually InsideMSCHF

The team behind Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’ have revealed exactly whose blood was used to create the controversial sneakers. 

The rapper caused a stir when he announced the release of his Satan-themed Nike Air Max 97s last week, prompting backlash from conservatives and even a lawsuit from Nike, who accused creator MSCHF of copyright infringement for using its trainer.

Unsurprisingly, the reason the shoes have caused such a stir is because their midsoles feature a red mixture of ink and one drop of blood – not fake, Halloween costume blood – actual human blood.

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Still, many of Lil Nas X’s fans have been keen to get their hands on the shoes, with only 666 in existence. But exactly whose blood would the lucky recipients be walking on?

It’s worth noting that it would take a relatively fair amount of blood to fill 666 pairs of shoes, so we can rule out Lil Nas X being the sole contributor – no pun intended. Now, a co-founder of MSCHF, Daniel Greenberg, has decided to put us out of our misery by revealing some details behind the creation of the shoe.

In an interview with Complex, Greenberg revealed the blood actually belongs to employees from MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based collective that collaborated with Nas to create the shoes.

The company works on projects designed to go viral, and the trainers were no different. The team’s dedication to the goal quickly paid off, as the trainers became a hot topic for social media users and news outlets alike.

Greenberg is said to thrive on the public reaction, though he has decided to keep some aspects of the creative process under wraps as he would not reveal exactly how the blood was collected.

The co-founder implied the willing employees didn’t have the most pleasant experience when it came to extracting the blood, but remained cryptic as he said it was not done ‘in the best way, to say the least’.

He added: ‘I could tell you; it’s just kind of graphic. But, like, not by any means a good way of doing it.’

Greenberg assured that there is not a lot of blood in the shoes, saying it is ‘basically a drop, it’s a tiny, tiny bit in each sole’ and acknowledging that attempting to sell blood in greater quantities might cause ‘an issue’.

He said the company is ‘prepared for people to be upset with it’, but that backlash is ‘not something that we predominantly mind’, adding: ‘We say a lot internally, we’re OK being loved or hated, we just don’t want apathy.’

Each pair of the unusual trainers is individually numbered, and they are priced at $1,018 in reference to the Bible verse Luke 10:18, which reads: ‘He replied, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.’’

Lil Nas X/InstagramLil Nas X/Instagram

The references to Satan continue with a shoebox referencing the Devil, while a decorative pentagram emblem is attached to the black shoes with red accents.

Greenberg is confident the shoes will sell out in seconds, so you’ll need to be fast if you want to be in with a chance of owning a stranger’s blood.

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    Lil Nas X’s Nike Satan Sneakers Have Human Blood in Them, But Whose Blood?

Emily Brown
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