Conspiracy Theory Claiming Art Attack’s Neil Buchanan Is Bansky Is Actually Convincing People

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Conspiracy Theory Claiming Art Attack's Neil Buchanan Is Bansky Is Actually Convincing PeopleITV/banksy/Instagram

Banksy’s identity is a mystery that’s been shrouded in secrecy for so long, most of us have given up hope that we’ll ever know who the mysterious British street artist is.

Yet still, rumours continue to circulate: from random suggestions that Banksy is a Liverpudlian man called Paul who had at one time been arrested for vandalism and conspiracy, to geographic profiling ‘identifying’ the street artist as Bristol resident Robin Gunningham.

Now, however, an entirely different name is being cited, with a conspiracy theory that has been gaining traction in recent days claiming Art Attack‘s Neil Buchanan is the mysterious Banksy.

neil buchanan art attackITV

The rumour started to gain popularity earlier this week on social media, when Twitter user @ScouseMan_ suggested Buchanan was the true genius behind Banksy’s many works of art.

‘Just heard that it’s rumoured Neil Buchanan is Banksy,’ the person tweeted. ‘If true, it’s the funniest sh*t ever. Aintree’s finest… This is straight in the believe without question category.’

The Twitter user went on to explain why they believed the rumour could have some truth to it, telling their followers, ‘He’s a musician and art has followed in the cities of shows he’s done allegedly.’

Now, the part about the TV presenter being a musician is true. He was in a heavy metal band called Marseille, which formed in 1976 and released four albums and six singles. However, the band hasn’t been active since 2012, while Banksy notably has.

This hasn’t stopped people from latching on to the idea that Buchanan is Banksy though, with the responses to the Twitter user’s claim suggesting some are fully convinced by the rumour.

‘I’ve been with Banksy very close up and he did look like that, but I can’t be sure,’ one person wrote. ‘It was 15 years ago at a party in Brighton. He just hit up a wall. I used to be in the London graffiti scene.’

Another person wrote, ‘Interesting… Neil Buchanan WAS known for his big outdoor pieces utilising multimedia props and items to craft uncanny replicas,’ while one simply added, ‘I’m here for this conspiracy theory.’

Ultimately though, not everyone was convinced, and while most were hopeful the theory could be true – ‘I pray this is true,’ ‘This would somewhat make 2020 a better era,’ ‘I really hope this turns out to be true’ – others were adamant it wasn’t.

‘Deffo not Neil,’ one user wrote, while another said, ‘As great as this would be to believe, rumours of Banksy’s Art Attack credentials are greatly exaggerated.’

Basically, we still have absolutely no idea who Banksy is and will have to make our own mind up on the matter. What do you think, though? Is Art Attack‘s Neil Banksy or not?

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