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Fans share celebrity breakup that shocked them most after seeing list for 2023

Fans share celebrity breakup that shocked them most after seeing list for 2023

Reddit users admitted what were some of the most surprising celebrity breakup stories of this year so far.

What was that age-old phrase? Cities may crumble and fall, but celebrity relationships are forever? Well, contrary to that adage of wisdom, many social media users have been left shocked by some of the breakups of 2023.

Reddit user Bl1nk1nUR4r34 compiled a long list that covers *almost* every celebrity breakup that happened this year and asked users who they were most surprised about.

The post, shared on 8 December, has so far been upvoted more than 2,000 times, with the list itself being surprisingly long.

Explaining his poster, the Reddit user said: “It doesn’t have a particular order. I included from A list to D list celebrities, a lot of them were announced on the sub.

“Even if the couple broke up months or years ago, if it was announced on 2023, they are on the list.

“Sorry if I missed your fav couple, I tried to include as many as I could

“I hope I didn’t include a couple that is still together lol I had to correct the list a couple times because with some couples turned out it was just rumors."

The list included some of the most obvious and talked about breakups like Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, but also some of the lesser known like Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied.

Reddit users weighed in on some of the most shocking splits in the comments section.

“Is it weird that I’m most shocked by Justin Trudeau and Sophie Trudeau? A sitting prime minister and his wife going through a divorce, it’s wild to me,” said one user.

The break up list for 2023 was surprisingly long.
Dave Chan/Getty Images

“Honestly, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. I don't care for her as a celebrity (or her music), but as someone in her early 30s, early 30s breakups are of special interest," another user added.

Meanwhile, a different person commented: “I think they often (though certainly not always) mean one person realized they just cannot marry the other.

“Meryl Streep and Don Gummer/Hugh Jackman and DLF for me...when marriages last THAT long, I always want to know what on earth changed after all this time,” added another.

The list included some of the most obvious and talked about breakups.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

“Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson. I thought they were still together and going strong. I was rooting for them as they seemed so in love,” commented another user.

“I'll never forget how Sofia Vergara's divorce news was dropped hours after Ariana Grande's. that was a quick lets announce now so it will get buried in the news cycle move lol,” added another.

What celebrity breakup shocked you the most this year?

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