Cardi B Gets Dressed Up For ‘Cardi B Is Over’ Party

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Cardi B Gets Dressed Up For 'Cardi B Is Over' PartyPA

Cardi B got dressed up for her very own ‘Cardi B is over’ party and says she doesn’t ‘give a damn’.

The Bodak Yellow rapper comes as the most recent celebrity to be ‘cancelled’ but she really, really doesn’t care.

The reason she’s supposedly been cancelled is due to a fake Instagram account she apparently has to create beef with other people in the music industry.

The 27-year-old rapper has since shared a hilarious video on Twitter in response to the rumours.

Watch the full video here:


Can we all take a moment to appreciate the sassy ‘bye!’ she says as she jumps into the pool. 10/10 from me, Cardi.

In the video she says:

So, that failed attempt that y’all tried to say I have a fake Instagram account like I’m f*cking ten years old, since it failed now you’re tryna’ look up sh*t from the past to cancel me – bringing up old sh*t. I don’t give a damn. You guys called me last year four times.

Referring to what she’s wearing Cardi adds, ‘This is what I’m wearing this year to the ‘Carbi B is cancelled’ party.’

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The clip that was only shared yesterday, June 25, has already accumulated almost 73,000 likes and over 12,000 retweets.

Fans of the rapper have been quick to defend her.

One person said:

Cardi motivates me so much and that’s why I love her. She literally came from nothing! I suffer from depression but she literally pushes me to keep going. She wakes up and deals with hate everyday!

Another fan tweeted:

Cardi B is always the queen and y’all haters be spreading lies too damn much and it’s ridiculous. Nothing is canceling her and she minds her business like always. Every time she says something y’all always gotta make shit up about it like stop that shit. Y’all can seriously stop

Another person wrote:

Unless it involves a serious crime that has been proven to be true and the ones canceling are free of sin, I’m siding with anyone canceled from now on as an act of defiance toward the incredibly annoying cancel culture. Get a fucking hobby.

I definitely think the moral of the story here is to not mess with Cardi and her fans.

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