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Camila Cabello mistakes The Voice contestant for Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello mistakes The Voice contestant for Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello had a shock on The Voice when she thought her ex Shawn Mendes was singing right behind her.

Camila Cabello had a shock on The Voice when she thought her ex Shawn Mendes was singing right behind her.

"Is that my… Is that Shawn up there?" the judge asked as she heard a familiar-sounding song on the hit show.

And, let's be honest, it's hard enough seeing an ex out and about, but we imagine having to hear their music on the radio, in the club, and at work is a fate worse than death.

Still, Camila took things in her stride as she heard what sounded like Shawn on the show.

For those not clued in to The Voice USA, Camila, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend are coaches who hope to help aspiring singers become the next music industry smash.

There's just one catch, all the contestants perform behind the coaches backs, meaning that they only have their voice to impress them; if they do, the coaches turn their chairs and offer them a place in the next round.

So, it was pretty impressive when all the judges, except for Camila, turned their chairs for the contestant, Tanner Howe, who sounded like Cabello' former boyfriend.

But, if you're wondering why she didn't turn around, she did have a pretty sound reason.

Camila was first to speak to Tanner when his performance finished and she gave him a warm welcome to the show: "Tanner, congratulations. You're on The Voice!"

Camila was confused.

She went on to explain how in disbelief she was at the familiarity of Tanner's voice: "I was like, 'Is Shawn onstage right now?'"

The signing hopeful took that as a huge compliment, and given that Shawn's had a few number one hits under his belt, we'd say that it is.

It's also exactly the reason that Camila didn't offer Tanner a place on her team.

Explaining her choice, she said: "I know him better than everybody in this room, but the reason I didn't turn around was, I felt like you sounded a little bit too much like him.

"Obviously, he has an amazing voice. I love this song, but I would be curious, when you pick your coach, for you to kind of distinguish yourself."

Tanner took the comparison as a huge compliment.

Of course, people were quick to comment on the singer's explanation, with one user saying: "She thought producers were pulling a prank on her."

One wasn't convinced though: "Shawn doesn’t even sound like this LMAO."

A third added they thought Camila was just joking: "She was joking and y’all take stuff so seriously."

However, another thought that the criticism was a little too harsh "Those singers can never win. Sound like the singer too much they get criticism. Don't sound like them at all they don't recognise the music and get criticism."

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