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Bridget Fonda explains why she'd never return to Hollywood after quitting acting and disappearing
Featured Image Credit: BACKGRID/Entertainment Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

Bridget Fonda explains why she'd never return to Hollywood after quitting acting and disappearing

The Jackie Brown star retired from acting in 2002

Bridget Fonda has explained why she has no interest in returning to the bright lights and glamour of Hollywood after leaving showbiz behind two decades ago.

Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, Bridget Fonda was racking up roles left, right and centre.

After appearing in the TV series 21 Jump Street in 1989 and movies like Frankenstein Unbound in 1990, she earned herself a job working with Francis Ford Coppola as she was cast in The Godfather Part III.

Fonda played Melanie in Jackie Brown.
Miramax Films

Fonda appeared in the film as Grace Hamilton, and her time working with big names didn't stop there.

She later appeared as Melanie in 1997's Jackie Brown, which was directed by the renowned Quentin Tarantino, while other titles on her resumé include Single White Female, Point Of No Return, Lake Placid and The Whole Shebang.

The actor appeared in more than one title a year for a decade, then all of a sudden, in 2002, she decided to retire from acting and stepped away from the spotlight.

It's said that Fonda's decision came as she wanted to focus on her family with her now-husband, Danny Elfman, but more than 20 years on, she's made clear that she's not even a little bit tempted to pick up where she left off.

The star, who is rarely spotted out in public, was caught on camera on Monday (17 April) at Los Angeles International Airport with her son, Oliver Elfman.

It's unclear where Fonda was headed, but while at the airport, she was approached by a photographer who questioned the 59-year-old about whether she wanted to make a move back to Hollywood.

Fonda was spotted in LA with her son.

Fonda initially kept things simple, telling the paparazzi: "No."

She didn't elaborate at first, but the curious pap didn't give in and asked whether there was any chance at all of the former actor making a comeback.

It was then that she revealed her reasoning for wanting to stay out of the spotlight, explaining: "I don't think [I'll come back], it's too nice being a civilian."

It might be a tough concept to understand for anyone whose only goal is to get famous, but after having spent years both in and out of the spotlight, it's clear that Fonda knows which one she prefers.

Fonda was a known name even before she landed her first acting credit, as she's part of a very successful family.

In 1982, her grandfather Henry Fonda earned himself an Academy Award in 1982 for his role in On Golden Pond, while her aunt Jane Fond has not one, but two Oscars under her belt.

And her father is none other than Easy Rider and Wild Hogs actor Peter Fonda, and it was through her dad that she first got into the business, having made her big-screen debut in Easy Rider when she was just four years old.

While she only got better from there, Fonda now seems to be contempt with her 'been there, done that' attitude towards Hollywood.

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