Borat Sends Katy Perry Birthday Message From Orlando Bloom


Borat Sends Katy Perry Birthday Message From Orlando Bloomkatyperry/Instagram

Katy Perry enjoyed the full Borat experience for her birthday this year as her husband Orlando Bloom commissioned a message from the Kazakh journalist. 

The pop star turned 36 yesterday, October 25, and no doubt received thousands of birthday messages on social media from people across the globe.


Among the tributes, pictures and celebrations, one message stood out from the rest. One that included a mispronunciation of her name, a reference to her husband’s penis and a questionable comment about her birthday cake. Of course, it could only be from Borat.

Check out his birthday message below:


Perry recently promoted the new Borat film on her Instagram, saying she and Bloom were going to enjoy it for a date night, and when her husband shared her birthday message he described it as her ‘dream come true’.


Borat pulled a few faces for the camera before beginning his message, saying, ‘Jak sie masz [How are you], Katy Pepsi.’

Borat20th Century Fox

The journalist dove straight into the risqué content as he referenced Bloom’s infamous naked paddleboarding experience in 2016, explaining that ‘Mr. Google’ sent him a photo of the actor ‘with his crumb out’ after he made a search for ‘Orlando water sports’ in preparation for a sailing trip in Florida.

Borat continued:


He have a very good one. It must be nice to see Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry Orlando BloomPA Images

Getting back to the point, Borat told Perry she would have a ‘very nice birthday’ before adding, ‘A lot of cream on your cake. Why not?’

Perry appeared delighted at the surprise as she shared Borat’s message on Instagram, writing ‘omg’ alongside a cake emoji.


Bloom might not have anticipated the subject of his penis to come up when he asked Borat to create the message, but he really shouldn’t have expected anything less.

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Katy Perry/Instagram
  1. Katy Perry/Instagram


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