Ben Affleck Addresses Media Backlash Over Comments About Jennifer Garner In New Interview

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Ben Affleck Addresses Media Backlash Over Comments About Jennifer Garner In New InterviewJimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Ben Affleck has spoken out about the fierce backlash he faced over comments he made about his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. 

On Wednesday, December 15, the 49-year-old appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, where he discussed the reaction to his interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM the previous day.

Affleck told Stern how he felt ‘trapped’ in his marriage with Garner, and that his alcoholism had been a by-product of those emotions.

Ben Affleck (Alamy)Alamy

The actor faced fierce backlash over his comments, however he has not apologised for them, and said they were misconstrued.

As per Mail Online, Affleck noted how ‘hurt’ he had been made to feel by the media and social media users, but that despite that, how he didn’t take his words back.

He told Kimmel:

I had gone on, said how much we respected each other, cared about each other, cared about our kids, put them first.

It said that I had blamed my ex-wife for my alcoholism, that I was trapped in this marriage, just made me out to be the worst, most insensitive, stupid, awful guy.

‘It hurts my feelings,’ he added.

Affleck explained how he had been ‘thrilled’ to discuss his family, ‘alcoholism, struggling with real things, how you have to be accountable and loving’, and how he works with Garner, his pride in how they work together for their kids, and how they do the ‘best [they] can for them’.

However, when he started ‘seeing this stuff come up on Twitter’, the actor said he grew angry.

Social media users flocked to the platform to criticise Affleck’s comments about his ex-wife. One wrote, ‘Ben Affleck telling Howard Stern that being married to Jennifer Garner was insufferable and drove him to drink is funny because I feel the same way any time I watch a movie with Ben Affleck.’

Another said:

Ben Affleck: I would’ve ‘still’ been drinking if I stayed married to Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner: *helps him to rehab 3 full years after they’ve already separated *

A third commented, ‘Ben affleck really blaming jennifer for his drinking like she didn’t drive his ass to rehab 3 whole years after they announced their divorce????????????????? crusty and dusty [sic]!’

Affleck noted how he ‘saw one of these websites had done the clickbait thing’.

‘I looked on it, and they had literally taken the conversation that I had had for two hours and made it seem as if I was saying the exact opposite of what I had said,’ he claimed.

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Mail Online
  1. Mail Online

    Defiant Ben Affleck defends comments he felt 'trapped' saying he did NOT blame ex Jennifer Garner for his alcoholism and now HIS feeling are hurt during Jimmy Kimmel talk

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