Actor Calls Out Director Who Mocked His ‘Tiny Apartment’ During Zoom Audition

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Actor Calls Out Director Who Mocked His 'Tiny Apartment' During Zoom AuditionLukas Gage/Twitter

Euphoria actor Lukas Gage has been praised by celebrities for calling out a director who was ‘talking sh*t’ about his apartment during a Zoom audition. 

Gage, who is known for playing Tyler Clarkson in Euphoria, shared footage of the audition on Twitter and explained the director had failed to mute his microphone before making comments about the actor’s surroundings.


Gage cringed as the director, who has not been identified, said: ‘These poor people live in these tiny apartments, like, I’m looking at his, you know, background and he’s got his TV and his, you know..’

Check out the video below:


It’s not clear who the director was talking to, but he definitely didn’t think Gage could hear him. The actor made the director aware of his mistake by saying ‘ooh’ as he snubbed his apartment, but Gage was gracious as the director attempted to apologise for the mistake.


He responded:

I know it’s a sh*tty apartment. That’s why give me this job so I can get a better one.

I’m living in a four-by-four box, it’s fine, just give me the job and we’ll be fine.

Gage shared the video on Twitter with a warning to any other ‘sh*t talking’ directors, telling them to ‘mute ur sh*t’ on Zoom meetings.

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The 25-year-old received a wealth of praise from fellow actors and stars after he posted the clip, with Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville responding: ‘Well done for handling that patronising British twerp with such good grace.’

Family Guy star Seth MacFarlane made light of the video as he shared his own version of the interaction in which the puppet Ernie from Sesame Street was the one auditioning. Alongside the video, MacFarlane wrote: ‘Apologies to Lukas Gage’.

See MacFarlane’s video here:



In the clip, Ernie tells the appalled director that he ‘lives in a 4×4 box with his roommate Bert’, quoting Gage as he added: ‘so just gimme this job and we’re all good.’ Gage shared the video to his Twitter account, suggesting he appreciated the joke.

Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz thanked Gage for posting the video and stressed that other stars are ‘all with’ him.

She added:


You’re a class act and from the way you responded to this must be a joy to work with. Your apt looks pretty great to me and honestly, f that dude, he doesn’t deserve to work with someone like you.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz also had her say, writing: ‘The best thing I’ve ever seen’, while Billy Eichner wrote: ‘Actors are often (not always but often) treated like garbage and taken advantage of because “we’re just lucky to have a job” and “we’re gonna take the job anyway” etc etc. It’s very f*cked up.’

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