Woman’s Day Saved By Accidental Text Of Dog Chilling In Tumble Dryer

Emily Brown

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Woman's Day Saved By Accidental Text Of Dog Chilling In DryerStormy Rose Bruce

A woman who was having a tough day was instantly cheered up when a stranger accidentally sent her a picture of a happy little dog hanging out in a dryer. 

With their never-ending source of joy and unconditional love, it’s no secret that dogs are great at making people happy, and Stormy Rose Bruce was recently reminded of that in the best way.

Stormy had been having a rough time as she was unable to attend her partner’s graduation, and found many events she’d been looking forward to get cancelled.

The influx of bad news left her feeling down, but that all changed when her phone alerted her to a new message.

Woman receives accidental text of dog in dryerStormy Rose Bruce

The text showed a picture of a walker coonhound dog happily curled up in a dryer, seemingly uncaring of the fact there were clothes in there. There was no context surrounding the picture, as the accompanying message simply read: ‘Lyla’.

Confused, Stormy responded to the message asking who it was from, at which point it was revealed the texter had accidentally sent the picture to the wrong number.

Dog hanging out in a dryerStormy Rose Bruce

They apologised for the mistake, but Stormy could not have been happier.

Speaking to The Dodo, she said:

I was thoroughly excited. It’s not every day you get such a beautiful wrong text.

It was an extremely welcome smile. Animals are the way to my heart, as I always say.

Stormy assured sender the text was well-recievedStormy Rose Bruce

Stormy assured the mystery texter the message had been well-received, responding:

This was the best wrong number text of my life, thank you so much, Lyla is beautiful!

The delighted woman went on to say the sender was welcome to send more pictures of Lyla whenever they liked, and they were more than happy to oblige.

Woman sent another picture of dog in dryer to cheer her upStormy Rose Bruce

Stormy soon received another snap of Lyla in the dryer, and she expressed her thanks to the sender for turning her day around.

She wrote:

You literally have no idea how much I needed this today, thank you so much kind person for accidentally texting the wrong person.

[Lyla] is gosh dang adorable.

Lyla the dog hanging out in a dryerStormy Rose Bruce

The sender told Stormy they were glad they helped cheer her up, and Stormy went on to share screenshots of the interaction on the Facebook page Dogspotting, where it was met with a lot of love.

The conversation is a perfect example of how small surprises and acts of kindness can go a long way. Hopefully Stormy will see lots more of Lyla in the future!

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    Woman Gets 'Wrong Number' Photo Of Dog And Couldn't Be Happier

Emily Brown
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