Woman Who Nursed Spider Back To Health After Stepping On It Given PETA Award


Woman Who Nursed Spider Back To Health After Stepping On It Given PETA Award@peggy.the.2leggy/Instagram/PETA

Big names like Kristen Bell, Russell Brand and Miley Cyrus have all won different PETA awards for their work with animals, but this woman got one for quite a unique reason. 

While most people would scream and run for the hills upon seeing a huntsman spider, this woman decided to save its life after she found the injured arachnid in her home.


Elina Walsh from Townsville, Australia, discovered the spider only had two legs and, after doing a quick Google search, discovered the large spiders can regrow their legs. With this in mind, Elina decided to nurse the spider, who she nicknamed Peggy, back to health.


Speaking about her decision to help the spider, Elina told ABC:

Initially my thought was she wasn’t going to make it and I considered putting her out of her misery. I did a quick Google search and found out that spiders can in fact regrow legs, so I thought I would give it a go.

I am a huge animal lover, normally huntsmen aren’t my favourite choice of animal but I kind of felt sorry for her and tried to help her out.


Due to already having a pet tarantula and scorpion, Elina had a vague idea how to care for a huntsman spider too.

Within a month of looking after Peggy, she started to grow small six legs, proving Elina’s efforts were paying off. She fed the spider small cockroaches with a pair of tweezers. Elina even created an Instagram page for Peggy so people could track the arachnid’s progress.


Following Elina’s continued care, Peggy now has all eight legs back. While she’s on track to make a full recovery, Elina is keeping Peggy in her care until her legs are stronger.


Elina said:

Now that she has got her legs back she is able to hunt quite well on her own, but the ones that have regrown are quite a bit smaller. With her next moult she should have full-sized legs again and I will be quite happy to release her outside.

Elina’s fantastic work with Peggy caught the attention of PETA Australia, who said they wanted to reward her compassion. To recognise her work, Elina was given the charity’s Hero To Animals award.

PETA spokesperson Emily Rice told said: ‘We take our hats off to this compassionate woman who displayed great care and respect for Peggy and went above and beyond to save her life.’


Elina said the recognition from the animal welfare charity was ‘unexpected’, and she was pleased so many people took interest in Peggy’s story.

She added, ‘I am just happy that other people can learn about her story and maybe grow a bit of appreciation for these animals as well.’

Hats off to Elina for all her hard work.


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    Huntsman spider rescue and rehabilitation earns Townsville woman PETA 'animal hero' award

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