Winslow The Cat Plays Piano To Tell His Owners He’s Hungry

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Winslow, a seven-year-old cat from Philadelphia, doesn’t just meow when he’s hungry – he plays the piano. 

Kate Nyx and her husband adopted the young tabby when he was just eight weeks old. Early on, ‘he was scarred up, covered in dirt, we had to teach him how to eat dry food and he had a serious case of ringworm’ and for a time, ‘he used to run around screaming all the time’.

Then came the piano, which Kate bought on eBay back in high school. ‘He started showing interest in the piano when he was a baby, playing the notes and looking underneath trying to find where they were coming from,’ she said.

Check out Winslow’s piano-playing in the video below: 


Soon, the instrument became a way for Winslow to ‘express himself in general, for attention, to get his litter scooped. It’s his alarm system in general. He learned that I encourage moving his paws up and down the keyboard, so he does that when he really wants something’.

Kate added:

It became some kind of hunting reward because he can’t do much in the apartment. He tends to only play it when we’re in kitchen and he knows he can possibly get a snack. He was a rambunctious kitten and he’s transformed into a chaotic gentlemen.

Kate Nyx with WinslowSWNS

Incredibly, Winslow has released his own single, Bean Gotta Scream. Featuring all of the tactile cat’s deft piano-playing and soothing screaming, the track dropped on streaming platforms on August 7.

While he might not crank out Clair de Lune, it’s better than him ‘screaming bloody murder’.

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Cameron Frew
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