Video Of Sugar Glider Flying In For A Hug Has Captivated The Internet

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Video Of Sugar Glider Flying In For A Hug Has Captivated The Internetu/AbbyPatout/Reddit

I’ve seen a fair few cute animal videos in my time, but I am now willing to pledge my allegiance to one creature and one creature only.

A video has gone viral that features a tiny sugar glider swooping down for a hug, little ‘wings’ expanded as it soars towards a waiting human hand.


I for one cannot get over its little wiggle, with the precious hamster angel appearing to actually be in full flight; long, fluffy tail swishing this way and that.

Fall in love with this little chap for yourself below:

The best part of the video probably has to be when the glider lands on the person’s hand, clasping its little arms around the waiting fingers.


Now, this has not been confirmed, and I do watch far too many Pixar movies, but this to my eyes looks rather like a glimpse into a beautiful interspecies friendship.

Others have been similarly enchanted, with one person describing the sweet animal as a ‘warm flying handkerchief’. Another declared the embrace to be an ‘excellent hug’.

However, others urged people against getting a sugar glider, warning that they can make for ‘terrible pets’ and may sadly die of loneliness if they aren’t cared for properly.

Sugar glider (Pixabay)Pixabay

According to the World Animal Protection, sugar gliders living out in the wild may travel as far as one kilometre from their nest searching for food or a potential mate, with their home range encompassing up to 17 acres.

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  1. u/AbbyPatout/Reddit

    The hug at the end !

Julia Banim

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