Two Cats Just Recreated That Lion King Scene And It’s Incredible


Two Cats Just Recreated That Lion King Scene And It's Incredible@snazzyypets/TikTok

Two cats have recreated the iconic Lion King scene on TikTok, and it has left the internet utterly  gobsmacked. 

Who knew that pure cinematic drama could be so flawlessly recreated by two fluffy felines? Well, these two cats have the internet purr-ty astounded with their acting skills.


The cats took to TikTok to show off their acting abilities, re-enacting the infamous scene between Mufasa and Scar.

The video shows the two cats, named Kingston and Kit Kat and known by their Tiktok username @Snazzyypets, around their cat tower. One of them situated on the highest ledge watching the other clinging on for dear life below.

The cat upon the ledge appears to have a nibble of its companion’s paws, causing the other cat to look around in a frightened manner before losing its grip and subsequently falling from the perch.


Fortunately, while the Sealpoint Ragdoll cross Himalayan breed of cats put on a convincing display, the cat playing the role of Mufasa falls to the floor rather than a gorge. The cat who has taken on the roll of Scar peers over the edge of the tower in surprise, its bright blue eyes feigning confusion, as if butter wouldn’t melt.

All of the gripping action takes place with the original sound from the movie playing overhead, creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere. Furthermore, the cats know their cues perfectly, as Mufasa cat falls right on cue of the soundtrack’s original scream.


The post has since amassed more than 14.8 million views, 2.3 million likes and 21,000 comments with users flooding to the comments in awe of the cat duo. One said, ‘They understood the assignment.’

Another wrote: 

The cat; I’ll always be mommy’s favourite.



Move over James Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons from the original 1994 film: there are new kids in town. Purrhaps we should hit the paws button on human BAFTAs and give some appreciation to the cats. Who wouldn’t want to see an animal remake of one of their Disney favourites?

One thing is for sure, these two could have certainly done a better job at the live-action remake of CATS in 2019, which was really just a bit of a cat-astrophe, if you’ll paw-don the pun.

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snazzyypets/ TikTok
  1. snazzyypets/ TikTok

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