‘Terrifying’ Optical Illusion Of Headless Cat Confuses The Internet

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'Terrifying' Optical Illusion Of Headless Cat Confuses The Interneti_spin_bubbles/Reddit

A terrifying optical illusion of a headless cat has left the internet confused as it struggles to figure out the photograph. 

Earlier this month, user i_spin_bubbles shared a photograph of their cat on Reddit, in which its head is seen peeking out of a basket while its body stands next to it.


‘One head in one head out. Cat complete,’ the user wrote, challenging users to figure out what exactly is going on in the picture.


I’ve studied it for a good five minutes or so and, like many others, am completely dumbfounded because there is no visible connection between the cat’s body and the head in the photograph.

The people of Reddit were quick to give their theories.


One person suggested that the owner had used clever lighting: ‘They do this with mirrors, right? The cat isn’t really sawed in half…’

That’s some crazy-ass Harry Potter McGonagall stuff right there,’ another person wrote, referring to the books’ Professor McGonagall, an Animagus who can take the form of a tabby cat.

Others joked that the cat belonged to Louis XVI, the last King of France, who is believed to have hated cats. ‘Picture of King Louis XVI’s cat after her guillotine circa 1793,’ one user wrote.

Some posed more disturbing theories, with one person writing: ‘The dark secret behind this photo is the fact that they amputated the cats head and is now using it for internet points.’


After letting the internet take their guesses, the original poster soon stepped in to clear up the confusion. As it turns out, they actually own two cats.

‘This picture looks like one of my cats’ head is missing and like the other one’s body is missing,’ the owner said.

While the fur of the cat inside the basket is actually much darker, it was able to pass as the cat whose body is seen standing due to white markings around its mouth.


The owner told The Dodo that the pair, named Koda and Lily, are pretty inseparable, either play-fighting or snuggling on the sofa together. The picture was taken by chance, while the cats were playing with some ribbon.

‘[Koda’s] always sneaking up from behind and uses all his body weight to play fight. Lilly loves playing with everything she finds, especially playing fetch. She’s only 8 months old and literally half Koda’s size and weight, but plays rough with him all the time,’ the owner said.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose his head.

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