Terrified Woman Finds Huge Spider Hiding In Her Car Door Handle

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Terrified Woman Finds Huge Spider Hiding In Her Car Door HandleABCSydney/Facebook

An Australian woman was left terrified when she discovered a huge spider hiding in her car door handle.

Christine Jones, from New South Wales, made the discovery just moments before she opened the door, narrowly missing a close encounter with the hairy arachnid.


In a post to an Australian Spider Identification Page on Facebook, Jones said she thought it was ‘hairy caterpillars at first’, adding that the incident had left her so scarred she has not driven for a week.

‘Did you touch it or see it first?’ one user said, to which she replied, ‘Saw it at last moment.’

Huntsman spiderWikimedia

Her pictures of the spider show it nestled in the recess of the car door handle. The post has been shared more than 1,000 times by horrified users.


One user said, ‘That’s not your car any more, it has a new owner. might as well hand the keys over.’

Another wrote, ‘As if 2020 wasn’t enough of a frightening year, so now I need to check my car for spiders.’

One user shared their own encounter with a similar spiders, writing, ‘I went to get the groceries out the back of my car today and there was one hiding where the door fits into the frame. I promptly closed it and went around the other side.’

Laree Clarke/Facebook

Most comments on the post agreed that the hairy spider was likely of the Huntsman family. There are more than 155 different species of huntsman in Australia.

Last week, an Australian man from Far North Queensland revealed he had allowed a gigantic Huntsman spider to live with him for the last year after discovering it in his home in 2019.

Sharing a picture of the now-huge spider on Facebook, Jake Gray said he had been watching ‘the mighty huntsman’ grow.

‘Check out this big girl’, he said. The photo of the spider, which takes up a good chunk of the wall, is easily the size of a dinner plate.

Lauren Ansell Facebook

Hunstman are large, long-legged spiders that are mostly grey and brown in colour.

Despite their large size and hairy appearance, the spiders are not considered to be dangerous. As with most arachnids, they do possess venom, and a bite may cause illness, but they are generally reluctant to bite and are more likely to run away than to be aggressive.

According to Australia Museum, they are commonly found living under loose bark on trees and crevices in rocks, but sometimes make their way into cars.


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