Supermarket Staff To Patrol Car Parks In Bid To Prevent Animal Cruelty

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Supermarket Staff To Patrol Car Parks In Bid To Prevent Animal CrueltyPA

As the UK sweats under a heatwave, Tesco has launched a new initiative to prevent animal cruelty in its car parks. 

With temperatures topping 30C this weekend, and potentially even higher later this week, people all across the country are struggling to keep cool; fans on 24/7, cold showers, juice with lots of ice, and generally rendered immobile by the blaring heat.

However, it’s even worse for the nation’s dogs; panting, knackered, and worst of all, sometimes left alone in a car with the window barely cracked open. Tesco’s staff are out to save their lives.

As reported by Birmingham Live, the supermarket chain launched its own car park patrols today, July 19, to combat owners leaving their poor pups in roasting cars. Tesco is working with the RSCPA on the initiative, with workers having received training on warning signs to look out for.

‘We’re working with the RSPCA and all of our colleagues in store have received training to ensure animal welfare is protected. Our colleagues regularly patrol our car parks and are given guidance on what to do if they spot a dog unattended in a car,’ a spokesperson for the company said.

It comes after the SSPCA issued a warning over leaving hot dogs in cars, with the survival rate of canines with heatstroke as low as 50%. Temperatures above 20C pose a risk to dogs, with some unable to cope under the mid-day heat.

‘It may seem like stating the obvious, but never leave your dog in a hot car. We typically get over 1,000 calls a year about animals being left in hot cars, so it’s still a serious issue in Scotland. During warm weather, we usually see a surge in calls to our animal helpline about dogs being left in hot vehicles,’ it reads.

‘Our message is simple – don’t risk it. Whether you are nipping to the shop or going out for a few hours, it is not worth taking the chance. We’ve prosecuted people in the past whose dog has died as a result of being left in a hot car – but we wish we didn’t have to. If you #DontRiskIt, your dog won’t be in danger,’ it adds.

With temperatures this high, it’s advised you walk your dog early in the morning and late at night, be aware of pavements burning their paws, keep out a small paddling pool or cool blanket and make sure their water bowl is filled at all times.

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  1. Birmingham Live

    Tesco introducing touching heatwave initiative at every UK store

Cameron Frew
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