Rogue Dog Breaks Onto Track And Wins High School Relay Race

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Rogue Dog Breaks Onto Track And Wins High School Relay RaceMile Split/YouTube

A high school senior was just about to win a school relay race when an unexpected opponent ended up hot on her heels.

The race took place at Utah-based Logan High School on Saturday, April 17, when a four-legged competitor decided to take part at the last moment.


A spectator was filming the sporting event when the rogue dog appeared out of the blue, sprinting past many of the runners.

The pooch quickly caught up to Gracie Laney, who was in the running for first place, but the dog overtook her, proving once and for all that four legs are better than two.

See the moment happen here:



At one point, Gracie nearly tripped over the dog when it switched into her lane, but fortunately she managed to manoeuvre around the small, furry animal.

Recalling the moment she noticed something behind her, Gracie said to KSL:

At first, I thought it was another runner, and I was surprised because we had a pretty good lead. As it got closer, I thought, ‘That’s too small to be a person,’ and then I noticed it was a dog.

Talking about how she nearly tripped over the pooch, Gracie added, ‘When the dog crossed in my lane, I was afraid that I was going to trip over it, and then I was worried that I was going to spike it with my spikes. It all happened so fast.’


The owner of the dog is currently unknown, but the athletic animal was carrying a lead in its mouth during Saturday’s ordeal, so it’s likely the little tyke had got away from its owner while on a walk.

Someone will have been in the dog house when they got home…

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    Pup movin' on up: Dog races past competition at recent Logan High track meet

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