‘Pigcasso’ Sells Painting For £20,000

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'Pigcasso' Sells Painting For £20,000Farm Sanctuary SA/Caters News

Imagine being a struggling artist and realising ‘Pigcasso’ is selling paintings for more than you.

A particularly talented pig has made a painting which has sold for £20,000.

Dubbed ‘Pigcasso’ by her owner, this particular artist has a style that could be described as ‘abstract expressionist’ – which basically means the pig paints whatever it likes, and it turns out surprisingly well.

Pigcasso got her big break after being rescued by an animal shelter in South Africa, where her new owner Joanne Lefson decided to try and keep her entertained.

'Pigcasso' Sells Painting For £20,000Farm Sanctuary SA/Caters News

Knowing pigs are rather intelligent animals, she began giving the pig all sorts of toys, but the pig’s fondness for painting shone through when the only things it didn’t eat and destroy were paint brushes.

Before long, the pig was using the brushes to paint on a canvas set up in her stall.

Five years down the line, ‘Pigcasso’ is making artwork that’s being sold all around the world, and has created more than 400 works of art – with one piece fetching a price as high as £20,000.

The painting, named ‘Wild and Free’, was bought by a German buyer named Peter Esser.

To all those aspiring artists out there, just remember, if a pig can bring home the bacon, then so can you.

Also, if you’re really having trouble selling your artwork then you can just pretend it was painted by a pig – as long as you don’t mind a farm animal taking the credit for your artistic talents.

If you’d rather have an animal other than a pig to do your artwork for you, the Daily Mail reports that the previous record price for a painting done by an animal was set at £14,000 back in 2005 by a chimpanzee named Congo.

You can learn more about Pigcasso on her official website,

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Pigcasso the piggy painter is bringing home the bacon after selling its latest artwork for £20,000 (and no, we’re not telling you porkies!)

Joe Harker
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