Photographer Captures Stunning Footage Of Incredibly Rare White Humpback Whale


Photographer Captures Stunning Footage Of Incredibly Rare White Humpback WhaleMedia Drum World

A photographer has caught some extraordinarily beautiful footage of what is believed to be one of only four albino humpback whales on Earth.

Craig Parry, 41, had been four miles off Cape Byron, in New South Wales when he spotted the magnificent 40ft-long creature, named ‘Migaloo’ or ‘white fella’.


Migaloo, who was first spotted way back in 1991, could be seen swimming alongside another whale in the deep, blue waters, heading north between south coast New South Wales and Byron Bay.

Watch Migaloo swimming below:


Parry said:


Honestly there aren’t many milestones as an artist, but I would have to say I count this moment with Migaloo as a significant time in my life, not just as a photographer but human.

Parry previously included a ‘detailed tail crop’ image in an Instagram post, noting that scientists use this to identify Humpback whales.

Migaloo is regarded to be ‘the most famous humpback whale in the world’, having fascinated experts for decades. During an encounter in Hervey Bay, Queensland in 1993, Pacific Whale Foundation researchers were able confirm that Migaloo was indeed all white.


According to the Pacific Whale Foundation website, Migaloo can be identified in a number of ways:

The obvious characteristic is that he is all white, but we use other physical traits as well: his dorsal fin (on his back) is slightly hooked and his tail flukes have a distinctive shape, with spiked edges along the lower trailing side.

A DNA study in 2011 study by Australian Marine Mammal Centre researchers found a genetic variation causing albinism; confirming Migaloo is indeed a true albino.

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