Orangutan’s Incredible Reaction To A Magic Trick Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

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Orangutan's Incredible Reaction To A Magic Trick Is The Only Thing You Need To See TodayPA Images

There are few more adorable sights on Earth than a baby orangutan laughing with delight, and luckily a clip has resurfaced which really will brighten your day a bit.

The video in question, taken at Barcelona Zoo in 2015, is once again doing the rounds on Reddit.

For any orangutan lovers who haven’t seen this, you’re in for a real treat, with the animal giving a truly incredible reaction to a magic trick.

Check it out below:


The clip was taken by a man named Dan Zaleski from Meriden, Connecticut, who decided to try out a trick on the clever primate. The video was soon doing the rounds on the forum r/interestingasf*ck.

Zaleski begins the clip by placing a chestnut inside a polystyrene cup while the curious monkey looks on, his eyes following Zaleski’s every move.

Then, with a magician’s sleight of hand, Zaleski deftly replaces the cup with an identical empty one, lifting the lid up to show the orangutan that the contents had mysteriously ‘vanished’.

The glee and amusement on the monkey’s face was clear to see, and it could be seen practically doubling up with laughter.

Orangutan at Barcelona Zoo (CBSN/YouTube)CBSN/YouTube

Those who’ve seen the video have been left mesmerised by the little orangutan’s expressive face and strangely human reactions.

One person commented:

I’d totally hang with him. Love his energy. The guy doing magic seems cool too I guess. But 100% in it for the orangutan.

Another wrote:

I can’t resist the unbridled joy of that orange goofball. Who knew an orangutan could have such an infectious smile?

Orangutan at Barcelona Zoo (CBSN/YouTube)CBSN/YouTube

According to an article in LiveScience, research published in 2009 revealed that primates — bonobos, gorillas chimpanzees, and orangutans — make laughter-like sounds after being tickled, or while wrestling and play-chasing with each other.

These sounds would suggest that a sense of humour and the ability to laugh most likely came from human beings and great apes’ last common ancestor, as a means of bonding within a group.

In a follow-up study published back in 2015, researchers found that chimpanzees are capable of making silent ‘laugh faces’ just like humans, revealing that the ‘laugh faces of humans must have gradually emerged from laughing open-mouth faces of ancestral apes’.

Orangutans are know to be highly intelligent animals, capable of using tools, communicating with humans through sign language, and even playing games on a a touch-screen computer. Clearly they also enjoy a good magic trick.

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