One-Eyed Bull Terrier Still Loves All Humans Even After Suffering Gunshot Trauma

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A dog who was shot in the head and then beaten with a hammer has found her forever home and now loves every single person she meets.

Bubbles, a bull terrier mix, was brought into a dog shelter when she was just six-months-old after sustaining severe injuries in the cruel attack.


The puppy’s right eye needed to be removed after she was shot at point blank range, with the bullet shattering her jaw and inner ear. A CT scan also revealed that her jaw had started to heal incorrectly, meaning she could only open her mouth half an inch.

dog shot in head still loves all peopleMedia Drum World

As soon as Kilyn Horton Blanchard, 51, and her husband Ike Blanchard, 56, met Bubbles at the dog shelter they were volunteering at in September 2017, they knew they needed to have her in their life.

The couple, who own a mobile dog grooming service in Houston, Texas, were about to head home when they were introduced to the pup. ‘She was just lying in her kennel but the moment we opened it up she came out and buried her head into my chest and just wanted to be held,’ Kilyn explained.


Kilyn and Ike made the decision then and there to foster her, with Kilyn saying they ‘knew instantly that [they] wanted to be a part of her life’. They brought her home just a few days later.

Now, more than two years later- after four surgeries to remove the bullet, her inner right ear, a proportion of her jaw and her right eye, each of which she handled ‘like a champ’ – Kilyn says Bubbles is a loving and trusting dog who craves human attention.

dog shot in head still loves all peopleMedia Drum World
dog shot in head still loves all peopleMedia Drum World
dog shot in head still loves all peopleMedia Drum World

Not only that, but Bubbles is also helping spread awareness about animal cruelty, with Kilyn and Ike currently taking the dog to a lot of events – not just to socialise but also to ‘talk about her story and make people aware that animal cruelty does exist and unfortunately is way too common’.

Kilyn said:

She loves meeting children and is so gentle with them. Currently we are trying to get her working with different animal rescues to spread awareness of animal cruelty including going to schools and talking to young people about how to properly care for animals.

We want to share her story but focus mainly on her future and show people that because your past may have been rough it doesn’t have to determine your future. We also want to encourage kindness and generosity towards others.


Bubbles also has her very own Instagram page and has so far accumulated more than 67,000 followers – not only because of her absolutely adorable pictures, but because her page also helps raise awareness for other injured pups like this one:

In spite of her past, Kilyn says Bubbles’ attitude is ‘absolutely amazing considering what she has been through’, adding: ‘She loves everyone and really craves their attention. She loves every person she meets and wants to play with every dog she meets. She does not seem to carry any reminders of her past, or hold any grudges.’

She says that having Bubbles as part of their family has changed her life for the better, and has ‘opened our eyes to the cruelty that exists around us and the need for humans to step up and help the innocents that cannot help themselves’.


What a good girl.

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