Neighbour Calls Cops About Woman Screaming ‘Let Me Out’ But Turns Out To Be A Parrot


Neighbour Calls Cops About Woman Screaming 'Let Me Out' But Turns Out To Be A ParrotViralHog

A Florida resident was alarmed when she heard what appeared to be a woman screaming for help inside her neighbour’s house on December 29.

The woman, who has not been named, grew understandably concerned after hearing shouts of ‘Help, help, let me out!’ – believing a person was potentially being held against her will at the Lake Worth Beach property.


However, when police officers turned up to the house to investigate, the suspected ‘kidnapper’ was only too happy to help, telling them ‘I’ll bring the screamer out to you’.

Check it out:


Imagine the officers’ surprise and relief when, rather than confess to a heinous crime, the unnamed neighbour retrieved a brightly coloured and chatty parrot by the name of Rambo, with the solving of the mystery all captured on the homeowner’s security camera.


The footage, which has since gone viral, shows the parrot being introduced to deputies from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, much to their amusement.

Rambo’s owner said:

I was changing the brakes on my wife’s car and had my 40-year-old parrot, Rambo, on his outside perch where he sings and talks. Sometime later, four police officers showed up saying a neighbor called because she heard a woman screaming for help.

I promptly introduced the officers to Rambo and we all had a good laugh. Afterward, I also introduced Rambo to the neighbor who called in the screaming. She too had a good laugh. Sometimes Rambo yells ‘help, help, let me out.’ Something I taught him when I was a kid and Rambo lived in a cage. [sic]

Police ParrotViralHog

A statement from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office read:

Our Deputies in Lake Worth Beach came to the help of someone screaming for help. Hilarity ensued.

Rambo – who would do well to fly on over to Hollywood to seek parts in tense thrillers – has emerged as the first feathered celeb of 2020. And his new fans greatly approve of his attention seeking nature.

One imaginative individual commented:


Plot twist: Rambo is partner in crime and he covers up for the woman trapped in the house. Probably learned ‘help’ and ‘let me out’ from the victim.

Another chuckled:

I LOVE parrots and one good thing at least you know neighbours are looking out for each other right there and some good deputies to be on the scene when they thought something was really going on. Parrots are funny.


I imagine it’s great fun to have a parrot that you can teach to swear like a sailor. But maybe be careful about teaching it sentences which could lead to the police knocking at your door…

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PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/Facebook
  1. PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

    PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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