Man Terrified After Hitchhiking Snake Pops Up On Car Window

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Man Terrified After Hitchhiking Snake Pops Up On Car WindowCaters

A video has gone viral that shows a hitchhiking snake calmly cruising along on a car window.

The footage was taken by a young Australian couple who’d been travelling from their hometown of Stroud, New South Wales, up to Blacksmiths Beach.

Real estate agent Rachael Pace, 22, and her boyfriend Kyle Vella, 22, had been driving for at least 40 minutes before clocking their sly stowaway.

You can watch the vid for yourself below:


In the video, the diamond python could be seen wriggling away quite happily as the couple drive along, apparantly quite excited for a day out at the beach.

Once they twig, Rachael can be heard laughing away at the sudden appearance of their surprise passenger, while Kyle swears in shock.

Later in the footage, the snake can be seen being removed from the vehicle with a spade, and when its full length is visible, it’s clear this is a pretty sizeable fella. The lengthy traveller also puts up a bit of a protest, lurking under the truck and refusing to bounce without a literal hissy fit.

Rachael said:

We were driving along, and some young guy put his head out the window, filming us, yelling, ‘Bro you got a python on your ute, that’s sick,’ but we thought he was just pranking us and ignored it.

diamond pythonCaters

Sharing the clip on Facebook, an amused Rachael noted, ‘It’s not every day that you’re driving and a snake causally pops up.’

In an update, she explained that after stopping the car, a man who lived across the road helped them to boot the snake from its sneaky seat, before letting it go free in a nearby creek.

The video has since gone viral, with people responding with a mixture of horror and amusement, with one person commenting:

F*ck that I’d be screaming and climbing over the passengers to get out.

Others sided with the adventurous – and honestly kind of beautiful – snake, with another person giving the following rather dangerous – and not at all advisable – advice:

Pull over ya t*ssa and get him off and give him a cuddle in the cab.. ya p*ssy.

diamond pythonCaters

It’s unclear what happened to the snake after he was given his slithering orders. However, if you happen to pass a suspiciously long and writhing hitchhiker on the roadside, perhaps it would be best to simply speed up and carry on your way…

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Julia Banim
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