Man Finds Monkey Selfies On His Phone After They Stole It From His House


Man Finds Monkey Selfies On His Phone After They Stole It From His HouseZackrydz Rodzi/Facebook

Now, we all know that monkeys are famously cheeky, but it would appear that we have underestimated just how cheeky they truly are.

A young man has now seen the full extent of the meaning ‘cheeky monkey’ after one of them apparently snuck into his house in the middle of the night, stole his phone and proceeded to take a series of selfies.


20-year-old computer science student Zackrydz Rodzi, from Batu Pahat, Malaysia, woke up one morning to find that his phone – which had been right near his bed – had mysteriously vanished.

Geplaatst door Zackrydz Rodzi op Zondag 13 september 2020

At first, Zackrydz told UNILAD, he assumed he had been burgled. He also wondered if ‘maybe some kind of sorcerer’ had taken it, as the disappearance was just ‘too bizarre’.

He couldn’t think where it could be, or who could have taken it. But then his dad offered a strange but pretty on the nose suggestion.


Zackrydz told UNILAD:

My dad said there was a monkey playing around the house that day so I decided to give it a shot, maybe it was the monkey.

Sure enough, when Zackrydz headed out into the backyard while his brother called the phone, he could hear it ringing out in the jungle close to the family home. And this is where the story gets really weird.

Monkey selfieZackrydz Rodzi/Facebook

After locating his phone – and no doubt feeling that same sense of relief we can all relate to – Zackrydz checked out the camera roll, and was surprised to find a variety of selfies… taken by a monkey.

The pictures are hilarious, and Zackrydz has ‘no idea how it managed to take selfies’. After clocking the unexpected photo shoot, Zackrydz was reportedly left ‘choking’ with laughter, with the sight of the mischievous creature posing away making him ‘laugh so hard’.

He’s since shown the pics to family and friends, revealing:

Some of them laugh and some of them can’t believe about it when I show them the selfies, then they start to laugh.


The following is Zackrydz’ favourite, which he has quite rightly noted is ripe for meme making:

Monkey selfieZackrydz Rodzi/Facebook

He also likes a surprisingly competent picture of some greenery which he swears was taken by the monkey photographer and not by himself.

It’s a genuinely nice picture, and one which I like to think offers a little insight into what monkeys find beautiful and interesting.


Zackrydz told UNILAD:

That monkey takes a better photo than me.

I mean, look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn’t want a print of this peaceful natural scene in your living room:

Monkey selfieZackrydz Rodzi/Facebook

Zackrydz hasn’t ever seen the influencer monkey before, but no doubt this furry little guy will be an Instagram hit if he carries on with this sort of selfie dedication.

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Zackrydz Rodzi/Facebook
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